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Semester Abroad Program

The two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program is a pioneer in many respects. As a niche program, it brings to the fore the intricacies of doing business with several countries. Thus, understanding the people, culture and way of life, sentiments and beliefs, etc. of the other economies forms a major learning objective.

The best way to do that is to immerse oneself in studying the various facets of life, history, society and economy of the chosen country. While the Foreign Immersion programs (typically a week to ten days spent in another country) offer an eye-opening experience for the students, Great Lakes has voted in favour of spending an entire semester abroad and learning the nuances of trade, commerce, industry, politics, economics, life and society. The Semester Abroad program is a step in that direction, where the student opts to study a semester of the course in a different country.

Great Lakes Institute of Management, India has signed a MOU with Georgia State University wherein students who are admitted into Great Lakes and whose GMAT score is 650 or above will have the unique opportunity to obtain a second degree (an MBA) from the School of Business at Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), an AACSB accredited, top-ranked business school in the US. This MBA degree can be obtained at no extra cost.

The selected students would spend time at Atlanta between May - early December. During this time, the students will take classes at the School of Business while also working on their Internship. By the end of the semester, the students would have been mentored by leading authorities on various subjects, have networked with a truly diverse set of persons, lived the life of a local and amassed a wealth of information and knowledge. The students will return in December in time to sit for placements with the rest of their colleagues at Great Lakes.

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