L'Attitude 13º05'

The Annual B-School Fest of Great Lakes Institute of Manaagement, Chennai

L'Attitude 13º05' is Great Lakes' annual inter B-School festival. The festival features a potpourri of events and competitions that encompasses various spheres of management education in the field of marketing, finance, operations, strategy, consulting, economics, CSR and Human Resources.

From its humble beginnings in 2007, L'Attitude 13º05' has made a mark in the annual B-School festival arena. It has now become one of the most anticipated events in the B-Schools' calendars in the country. It provides a platform for the brightest of the minds across the world's best Business schools to showcase their unique talents and compete against each other in various events spread across different functions; it keeps getting bigger and better with each passing year! The festival centers on a different theme every year on which distinguished guests from various walks of life share their experiences and insights with the students.

Quiz Pro Quo
Legends of Tomorrow
Rational Exuberance
DATA TALES Beyond Infinity
KeyNote Speaker
Chary Mudumby

Mr. Chary Mudumby

CTO, HTC Global Services
Mr Lakshminarayanan

Mr. Lakshminarayanan

Board of Director, Cognizant
Mr. Sekar Swamy

Mr. Sekar Swamy

CEO, R K Swamy BBDO & CEO, Hansa Marketing Services
Mr. Rajiv Menon

Mr. Rajiv Menon

Director, Cinematographer & Producer
Mr. Sundara Bhashyam Reddy

Mr. Sundara Bhashyam Reddy

Managing Director, Accenture Operations & Great Lakes Alumnus
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  • Atishay Jain (+919999648568)
  • Gargi Mishra (+919871799985)
  • Mohammad Shaanim (+919947111110)
  • Nitish Yadav (+919560128176)
  • Pranita Bagve (+917972259517)
  • Sunmay Agarwal {+918668939351)

Email to us at lattitudecore@greatlakes.edu.in

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