A higher Fed inflation aim could unsettle America and the world | Prof. Vidya Mahambare writes for LiveMint

  • Dec 20, 2022 | LiveMint

The article highlights that If the US moves to a higher inflation target of 3-4%, then it would be similar to the inflation target of several developing countries. This would mean that nominal and real interest rates in the US and these developing countries would be similar should respective central banks achieve their inflation targets. Some Issues need further discussion and clarity before any move to a higher inflation target by the Federal Reserve can be considered an appropriate policy shift.

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Nutricosmetics: Novel Way To Enhance Skin & Health | Prof. Shameem S writes for Only My Health

  • Dec 15, 2022 | Only My Health

The article highlights that as a relatively new entrant in the cosmetics industry, nutricosmetics has created its own niche within a short span of time. The rising beauty consciousness has resulted in a proliferation of beauty-related items across India, produced by both domestic and international companies. The Indian cosmetics business is predicted to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years as the demand for cosmetics continues to rise among both the genders.

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CEO’s Dilemma: How can my organization sense emerging disruptions early? | Prof. Raj Shankar writes for Times Of India

  • Nov 22, 2022 | The Times of India

The article summarises that as organizations scale, their focus shifts from opportunities to efficiency, economies, and enrichment. Increasingly CEOs are beginning to understand the power of new businesses within existing organizations. They are steadily giving their attention to sense making opportunities for their future. Creating direct communication channels to hear from the periphery is a sure way to sense emerging opportunities and potential disruptions early.

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Indian mothers spend 9 hrs a week on their young children, Americans 13. State must step in | Prof. Vidya Mahambare writes for The Print

  • Nov 08, 2022 | The Print

The article highlights that mothers' time with their children grows in proportion to their level of education. Mothers with a tertiary education have the fewest children but spend the most time on child-related activities. A mother with a tertiary education who has a child under the age of five years spends 12.5 and 3.5 hours per week on childcare and child development, respectively. Despite having more children, a mother with no education spends the least amount of time with them – 9.7 hours in childcare and only 1.1 hours in child development activities when her youngest child is less than five years old.

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Rupee depreciation is unlikely to aid exports in the near term | Prof. Vidya Mahambare writes for LiveMint

  • Nov 03, 2022 | LiveMint

The article highlights that while the rupee has been losing value against the dollar, the Indian currency has experienced noticeable appreciation against other major currencies. The rupee fell against the dollar for every month from January to August 2022 compared to the corresponding months in 2021. In contrast, the rupee has consistently appreciated against other major currencies, including the pound, yen and euro, during the same period.

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Control the fallout of the price we pay for price controls | Prof. Vidya Mahambare writes for LiveMint

  • Nov 02, 2022 | LiveMint

The article highlights that on the surface, energy price subsidies and ceilings may appear to be good policy, something that is easy to sell to the electorate. But, over time, utility companies accumulate large losses. Cross-subsidization through the government’s use of other funds becomes untenable. It leads to sharp upward price revisions that often put household budgets under sudden strains.

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Three ways leaders can seek inspiration for innovation | Prof. Raj Shankar writes for The Hindu Business Line

  • Nov 02, 2022 | The Hindu Business Line

The article summarises that observing, reading, and listening are at least three powerful ways of social interaction. The three approaches may appear obvious. But, their power stems from alignment to personality and consistency in application.

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Alexa, what would I do without you? | Prof. Rajeshwari K writes for Financial Express

  • Oct 31, 2022 | Financial Express

The article summarises that the AI Digital Assistant market is a high barrier market to enter, as it requires extremely expensive technology to build and operate. Thus, eventually, you’ll only see a handful of AI Assistants available to you, in a few years’ time. In an increasing digital world that is making human social interaction scarce, Alexa will further add to that divide, albeit in an efficient manner that consumers won’t complain about.

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RBI may need a revised strategy to anchor inflation expectations - Prof. Vidya Mahambare writes for LiveMint

  • Oct 20, 2022 | LiveMint

The article highlights that Indian households expect domestic retail inflation to continue rising, as per RBI’s latest bi-monthly Households’ Inflation Expectation Survey. The median household inflation expectation for September 2023 is now 11%. The pattern so far of household inflation expectations calls for a rethink of RBI’s communication strategy vis-a-vis the general public.

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Metaverse Learning Environment - Benefits and Drawbacks | Prof. Pavithra M R writes for Times of India (Voices)

  • Oct 16, 2022 | The Times of India

The article talks about the learnings & drawbacks of Metaverse and how the use of virtual reality in the classroom has many advantages over conventional methods, enabling students to “see” historical locations or carry out risky experiments in a secure setting of a virtual environment.

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