Papers & Journal Publications

National Publications
Name of faculty Topic Journal/publication Name Year of Publication
Vishwanathan P K & Muthuraj.M Factors Leading to Non - Performing Assets (NPAs) : An Empirical Study Indian Journal of Finance 2019
Nataraj B, Ashok Kumar &Rajendran R Factors influencing the choice criteria of Vehicle Finance Loans- a study with special reference to Namakkal District, India Journal of Advance Management Research 2018
Nataraj B, Rajendran & Dinesh Madhavn Classification tree analysis for mobile number portability - A study with respect to mobile customers in Tamil Nadu Journal of Marketing strategy 2018
Nataraj B, Rajendran & Dinesh Madhavn Determinants of Mobile Number Portability – a predictive analysis on the switching intentions Journal of Advance Management Research 2018
Nataraj B, Rajendran R & Vethanayaki A A Comparative Study on Public and Private Sector Banks with respect to Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Business Loans International Journal of Engineering and Management Research  2018
Muthuraj M Behavior of Market Arrivals and Price of Groundnut in Tamil Nadu : An Economic Analysis Indian Journal of Economics and research 2017
Nataraj B, Rajendran R & Vethanayaki A Impact of loan officer’s human capital in predicting MSMEs BUSINESS loan decisions: A study on Namakkal district, India International Journal of Academic Research and Development 2017
Nataraj B, Rajendran R & Vethanayaki A Determinants of loan approval decision for micro small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) while obtaining credit facilities International Journal of Academic Research and Development 2017
Nataraj B, Shyam Prasad R Impact of Financial literacy on financial decision making - A study with reference to retail investors in chennai International journal of marketing financial services & management research 2017
Nataraj B, Ashok Kumar &Rajendran R Comparative Analysis on Perceived Service Quality of Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) – Evidence from Commercial Vehicle finance customers International Journal of Current Trends in Engineering & Technology 2017
Rajan C R, Swaminathan , T.N. & Pavithra, M Key Drivers of Purchase Intent by Indian Consumers in Omni - channel shopping Indian Journal of Marketing 47(5) 7-20 2017
Rekhapriyadharshini A Moderating effect of personality dimensions on work- family conflict Indian journal of Economics and business 2017
Pradeep V , Mita Bhattacharya Spillover Effects of Research and Development, Exports and Foreign investment on Productivity: Empirical Evidence from Indian Manufacturin Journal of South Asian Development 2017
Pradeep V , T.SampathKumar Economic Reforms and Employment Growth in India: An Empirical Analysis Arthshastra: Indian Journal of Economics and Research 2017
Vidya Mahabare From income to household welfare : Lessons from Refrigerator ownership in India Journal of Quantitative Economics 2017
Vishwanathan P K & Swaminathan T N Quantifying the Relative Importance of Key Drivers of Landing Page Indian Journal of Finance 2017
Anbumathi R Amalgamation of talent & knowledge management practices - A conceptual research model Vision - The Journal of Business Perspective, forthcoming 2016
Balaji .S A Study on the relationship between the management and the employees at celebrity fashion Ltd, Naryanapuram Indian Streams Research 2016
Balaji .S Cost of Captial among selected Indian Companies Indian Streams Research 2016
Nataraj B, Ashok Kumar &Rajendran R Repayment behaviour of commerical vehicle loan borrowers with special reference to Namakkal district India Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research 2016
Nataraj B Review and comparative assessment of customer relationship management models International Journal of Management and Social Science Research 2016
Nitu Singhi Promotive Psychological Ownership: Exploring its Relationship with Organizational Innovation in Global Journal of Business Management 2016
Nitu Singhi Role of Social Capital and Psychological Ownership In Predicting Organizational Effectiveness Journal of Humaities And Social Science Studies 2016
Pradeep V , T.SampathKumar Estimating Total Factor Productivity and its components-Evdence from Manufacturing Sector of Tamilnadu, INDIA Indian Journal of Applied Research 2016
Vishnu Prasanna The workplace mistreatment in Amsham Pvt ltd - a new perspective International journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science 2016
Vishnu Prasanna Dimensional Study of Organization Citizenship Behaviour Pezzottaite Journals 2016
Vishwanathan P K & Swaminathan T N Social Marketing - Predicting the Impact of Government Aided Health Insurance Project in Rural Tamil Nadu Indian Journal of Finance 2016
Anuradha M V To work or not to work: Construction of meaning of work and making work choices Vilkalpa, 39(2): 7-19 2015
Meenakshisundaram. K.S Why Financial Inclusion? International Journal Of Management Research 2015
Muthuraj M Productivity Growth and factor substitution in the manfacturing sectors of Tamil Nadu Researchers World Journal of Arts,Science & Commerce 2015
Nataraj B A Comparative study on Customer Relationship Management Strategies in Organized Multi Brand Retail Apparels International journal of Exclusive Management Research 2015
Nitu Singhi Organizational Role Stress and Social Support as Predictors of Job Satisfaction among Managerial Personnel Journal of Psychosocial Research 2015
Rekhapriyadharshini A Personality as the determinants of work-family conflict Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management. 7(5), 1037-1060. 2015
Meenakshisundaram. K.S Financial Inclusion – Market Model IJEMR 2014
Meenakshisundaram. K.S A Study on Internal Customer Satisfaction Towards Maintenance of Equipments In Industries International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science 2014
Nataraj B Financial Behavior Vs Personality Types- A Mechanism to improve Customer Relationship Management International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics and Management 2014
Nitu Singhi Role of Coping as the moderator between the Relationship of Organizational Role Stress and Somatic Health Complaints of Managerial Personnel Indian Journal of Psychosocial Sciences 2014
Nitu Singhi Role of Locus of Control as a Moderator between the Relationship of Negative Life Event Stress and General Health of Managerial Personnel Journal of Indian Health Psychology 2014
International Publications
Name of the faculty Topic Journal/ Publication Name Year of publication
Bharadhwaj.S Harindranath RM & Jayanth Jacob The Moderating Role of Sales Experience in Adaptive Selling, Customer Orientation and Job Satisfaction in a Unionized Setting Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing 2019
Ekta Srivastava, Satish S. Maheswarappa, Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran Nostalgic advertising: managing ambivalence to make it work Nostalgic advertising: managing ambivalence to make it work 2019
M. Ángeles López Cabarcos, Suresh Srinivasan, Sérgio Göttling Oliveira Monteiro and Paula Vázquez Rodríguez Tacit Knowledge and Firm Performance relationship. The role of product innovation and firm level capabilities Journal of Business Economics and Management 2019
VaidyJayaraman Aligning governance mechanisms with task features to improve service capabilities---an empirical study of professional service outsourcin Operations Management Research 2019
Shameem S Mask it with Emotions: A study of the role of emotional behaviour among IT employees International Journal of Business and Information 2018
Balaji.S & Venkatesh Factors affecting buying behaviour of sugar free sweeteners for diabetes AN EMPIRICAL STUDY (SPECIAL REFERENCE TO CHENNAI IN TAMIL NADU, INDIA) International Journal of Mechanical and production 2018
Bharadhwaj.S , Angeline Fernando Comparison of Perceived acqusition value sought by online second hand and new goods shoppers European Journal of Marketing 2018
Ekta Srivastava, Satish Maheshwarappa , Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran Nostalgic Advertising: Managing Ambivalence to Make it Work Marketing Intelligence and Planning 2018
Easwar Krishna Iyer Cognitive Inhibitors to Technology Adoption: Validation for IoT using Content International Journal of Information Technology and Management 2018
Nataraj B , Rajendran r Impact of Relationship Quality on Customer Retention – A Study with Reference to Retail Banking in India International Journal of Business and Information 2018
Sandeep Srivathsan Understanding the value of upstream inventory information sharing in supply chain networks Applied Mathematical Modelling 2018
Sridhar Samu Teenagers’ eWOM intentions: A Nature vs. Nurture perspective Marketing Intelligence and Planning 2018
Vidya Mahambare Family structure, Education and Women's Employment in Rural India World Development 2018
Balaji .S Consumption And Satisfaction Level of sugar free sweeteners of diabetes - AN EMPRICAL ANALYSIS International journal of Applied Business and  Economic Research (ISSN : 0972-7302) 2017
Balaji .S & Udhayaprakash Multivariate Statstical Analysis in Marketing ISRJ 2017
Bharadhwaj S, Nachiketas Nandakumar, Arti Kalro &Piyush Sharma Threat, efficacy and message framing in consumer healthcare Marketing Intelligence and Planning 2017
Bharadhwaj S Returns to Search When Consumers Use and Do Not Use Recommendation Agents Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 2017
Bharadhwaj S The Ad Fomat-Strategy Effect on Comparative Advertising Effectiveness European Journal of Marketing 2017
Chandan Palaksha , Nachiketas &Purba H Rao Industry Initiatives to Addressing Water Concerns in India Today...The Inward and The Outward Looking Possibilities International Journal of Business Ethics in Developing Economies 2017
Rajan C R Value creation and appropriation among the constitutes of business ecosystems International journal of business and administration research review 1(17) 46:51 2017
Sandeep Srivathsan & Vishwanthan A Queueing-based Optimization Model for Planning Inventory of Refurbished Components in a Service Center International Journal of engineering science - Elsevier 2017
Sridhar Samu Adolescent's eWOM intentions: An investigation into the roles of peers, the Internet and gender Journal of Business Research 2017
Vishwanathan P K Modelling Asset Allocation And Liability Composition For Indian Banks Journal of Emerging Market 2017
Bala V Balachandran Mergers and acquisitions and trade integration : a spatial and temporal study of India Journal of Global Economics 2016
Bala V Balachandran Innovation from within - How to energize the organization to reach beyond compliance Journal of Cost Management 2016
Bala V Balachandran Connecting the Front Line to the Bottom Line: The Next Avatar of Cost Management Journal of Cost Management 2016
Bobby Srinivasan Impact of Central Bank Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market: Evidence from India using an even study approach Wiley Publications 2016
Bharadhwaj S Impulse Buying Behavior in India -An overview Asian Journal of Business Research 2016
Bharadhwaj S Nostalgic Advertising : A Content Analysis of Indian TV Advertisements Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 2016
Bharadhwaj S Message Involvement and Attitude Towards Green Advertisements Marketing Intelligence and Planning 2016
Monika Mittal Exploring a Multilayered Internet of Things Ecosystem for Municipal Solid Waste Management System in India: A Case Study International Journal of Information Management Elsevier’s: SCI impact factor 2.7 2016
Monika Mittal Adoption of Internet of Things in India: A Multiple Theory Perspective I International Journal of Information Management 2016
Pon Mythili M Impact of follower's self -expansion on relationship between transformational leadership and follower's identity International 2016
Pon Mythili M The effect of factors of transformational leadership on follower's duty-orientation in a Research & Development organization IJMSRR 2016
Bharadhwaj S Consumer Ambivalence Toward Contraception– Towards An Integrative Framework "International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing." 2015
Easwar Krishna Iyer BlazeClan Technologies: Cloud Computing Adoption in India A Richard Ivey Case Study No: 9B14E025 2015
Mahima Gupta Product selection in E-commerce under Fuzzy Environment: A MADM Game Theoretic Model International Game theory Review, World Scientific Publication. 2015
Mahima Gupta Multi-stage multi-objective production planning using linguistic and numeric data-a fuzzy integer programming model Journal of Computers & Industrial Engineering 2015
Nitu Singhi Role of Work family spillover as a Predictor of Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Managerial Personnel Social Science International Journal 2015
Pon Mythili M Effect of transformational leadership on follower's collective efficacy and group cohesiveness: Social identity as a mediator Humanities and Social Sciences Review 2015
Rajan C R Value network and conscious competition : A case study of sugar industry in India Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 6(1) 2015
Rajan C R Severity and distributional analysis of crime against Women in India International Journal of Humanities Social (IJHSSE) ISSN 2349-0373 (Print) & ISSN 2349-0381 2015
Rajan C R Marketing innovation in partnership with self help groups : A case study of farms input manufacturer International Journal of Management 45(8) 2015
Srikant P Contracting Outcomes with Communication and Learning Social Science Research Network 2015
Srikant P Reserve Price Choices of Sellers in Laboratory First Price Auctions: The Role of Experience Social Science Research Network 2015
T.N. Swaminathan Awareness & Satisfaction Levels of Government Aided Health Insurance Indian Journal of Marketing 2015
Bharadhwaj S If you Blog Will They Follow? Using Online Media to Set theAgenda for Consumer Concerns on “Greenwashed” Environmental Claims Journal of Advertising 2014
Bharadhwaj S Exploring Impulse Buying in Services: Towards an IntegrativeFramework Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 2014
Bharadhwaj S Looking Beyond Impulse Buying: A Cross-cultural and Multi-domain Investigation of Consumer Impulsiveness European Journal of Marketing 2014
Easwar Krishna Iyer A 360 degree carbon audit of the ICT industry International Journal of Intercultural Information Management 2014
Easwar Krishna Iyer What drives Big Data Analytics to Cloud International Journal of Consumer and Business Analytics 2014
Rajan C R A critical review of corporate goverance in India International journal of business and administration research review  3(6): 79 2014
Sree Vinutha V Assessing response of growth funds to macroeconomic information and market index Journal of Quantitative Economics, 12( 2 ), pp. 76-85. 2014
T.N. Swaminathan Aachi – Spicing up a Growth Trajectory Emerald Insight 2014
T.N. Swaminathan Drivers of Consumer Attitudes and their impact on Fast Food outlets in India Academy of Taiwan Business management Review 2014
T.N. Swaminathan Drivers of Quality Management in Selected Pharmaceutical Companies in Tamil Nadu - A Chi Square Approach to Validation” Indian Journal of Management 2014
T.N. Swaminathan Effect Of Social Media Outreach Engagement In Institutions Of Higher Learning In India Asia Pacific Journal Of Management Research And Innovation 2014
Umashankar Venkatesh Creating a National Footprint  Richard Ivey Publications 2014
Vishwanathan P K Drivers Of Consumer Attitudes And Their Impact On Fast Food Outlets In India Academy Of Taiwan Business Management Review, 2014


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