Centre for Sports Management & Analytics

Analytics and evaluative technologies are transforming organizations and their income streams across every sector of the sports industry. Great Lakes’ Sports Management & Analytics Centre will equip our students to become a strategic manager with the skills needed to measure the impact that emerging technologies are having on sports organizations and society, which are becoming more important during and after a pandemic.

In addition to meeting the urgent need for managers who understand analytics and technology, this centre gives our students a broad range of professional knowledge, as well as industry expertise. The students will graduate prepared to pursue professional sports opportunities in areas such as performance data analytics, social media, interactive spectatorship, mobile technology, fantasy sports, e-sports gaming and virtual reality.

With communities staying at home and prompting the surge of e-sports gaming, Great Lakes is committed to continuing to help and prepare our students to meet their career goals and support the education of Managers for the future increase of outdoor and communal activity across the nation and the world.

Our Centre for Sports Management & Analytics aims to:

  • Assess emerging trends in the sports industry and the impacts of changing technologies on sports and society
  • Learn how to make ethical and strategic decisions that improve relationships with sports agencies, clients and the community
  • Build leadership and communication skills that establish intercultural relationships
  • Examine and demonstrate the appropriate use of data evaluation and analysis tools
  • Create strategies for improving the outreach of sports that engages a target audience

Here are some key events with which we have kicked-off the Centre for Sports Management & Analytics:

  • Anil Kumble / Sundar Raman - Building Competitive Advantage through Sports Analytics
  • Rahul Dravid / N Srinivasan / Wayne Winston / Sundar Raman - Insights v Instincts
  • G Srinivvasan - Sporjo - Careers in the Sports Industry
  • Joy Bhattacharya - Indian Sport: The Fourth Wave
  • Arvind Iyengar - Sports & Analytics: A Perspective on this evolving discipline in sports management


  • Cornell University
  • Chicago Booth
  • Skema Business School
  • Universite Bordeaux
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
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