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VILLAGE NAME: Amanambakkam

Here is the snapshot of the initiatives that we have taken in our Karma Yoga Leadership Experiential Project.

Anti-tobacco day:

In this age of increasing tobacco consumption, an enormous number of people die of this dreaded practice. It causes cancer, lung diseases and several other complications. It is necessary to pause for a moment and to consider what could be done about this globally prevalent issue. We, the Amanambakkam village team conducted a program to observe ‘Anti-Tobacco day’ on May 30, 2013 to spread awareness about the ill effects of tobacco. We had an array of events lined up, including talks on the importance of Anti-tobacco Day, an experiment to demonstrate the ill-effects of tobacco, a mime and videos depicting its harmful effects as well. This was conducted in the evening from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. After conducting the session, we made sure feedback about the program was taken from some of the villagers. They expressed their appreciation and encouragement. Some of them liked the skit while others liked the demonstrations. This program helped us to create better rapport with the villagers. We hope to continue building uplifting and healthy relationships with them in the coming days.

Computer Classes:

As a result of their prior understanding of the importance of IT, we started computer classes for children on a weekly basis. The introduction of these classes was well received by children and their parents alike. We focused on teaching them multiple aspects, including basic ones like the MS office package (MS-Power point and MS-Word) and more creative ones like drawing and painting on the computer. Both programs gave children solid exposure to technology and computer knowledge.

Interactive learning:

Students in the villages through books. Opportunities to interact and express themselves freely are minimal. To address this issue, we conducted a series of sessions focusing on newer ways on enabling children to think and learn. Activities like pyramid building, profiling and collage work made them work in a group and provoked their thought process. The children took pride in them while creating something new and experiencing team work.

Kitchen Garden:

One of the key initiatives taken, this has really made a change in the village at all levels. A group of houses were chosen for an awareness session on the multiple benefits of growing a kitchen garden in their house. This project captured the interest of the children and has seen their full commitment. We were able to implement this project through the continued guidance from Mr. Sami Arul, who is an agriculturist. It gave the villagers and our team members’ immense satisfaction to see the plants grow and bear fruit.