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Medical Camp:

“Health is the greatest possession” - Lao Tzu

The health of the villagers was one of the key areas of focus during this year. In order to ascertain the nature of the medical treatment required, a General Medical Camp was conducted in Kuzhipanthandalam School on 15th August 2013. Medical Practitioners from RUWSEC hospital treated over 140 villagers in a half-day session. Medicines funded by the Village Panchayat were distributed as required. Patient Name, Age and the Ailments present were recorded, using which we were able to identify the need for an eye camp, which we have planned to conduct in January 2014. We identified Mr. Satish from the village as a point of contact for enabling future healthcare initiatives in the village.

Kitchen Garden:

To make the villagers self-sufficient and to enable them to leverage their knowledge and their skills, in farming, we brought about the kitchen garden initiative which promoted organic methods of growing vegetables. In collaboration with Mr. Samiarul from CCRD (Centre for Cultural and Rural Development) our team initiated the Kitchen Garden project at our village. To begin with, we nominated Mr. Samuel to participate in the project, with assistance and guidance from CCRD team. Mr Samuel has implemented this at his home and will now take up the project, assisting and educating other farmers and households to get this implemented. Mr Samuel has identified 4 other households who can undertake Kitchen farming in stage two. We expect that the knowledge inculcated will spread and be of use to the villagers.


Computer Classes:

Basic computer usage is fast becoming a necessity. The children and the youth in our village are no strangers to this interactive medium. However accessibility to computers is low. Therefore, our team has organized regular computer classes and training sessions for children in our village, using our own laptops, to teach them how to use Internet and other common applications. Apart from computer education, we have also demonstrated them the workings and applications of Tablets.

Waste Disposable Awareness Initiative:

When we first visited the village we could see that there was a lot of garbage thrown outside the homes. There were piles of bottles and other plastic items, inviting disease. Hence we thought of creating an awareness program among the villagers to educate them about on the advantages of waste disposal. For this, we used visual aids to have greater impact. We arranged a projector in the village and showed them a video in which lot of birds die eating plastics. On their death all body parts decomposed but fora trail of undigested plastic material. We then explained to the villagers the various methods of waste disposal. It helped the villagers to understand the importance of waste management and they engaged in a discussion with us. After that, we could see a significant improvement in the village as people were using pits to dispose the wastes and not throwing the plastics on the street.

Activities at Orphanage, the Home of Hope

This year, we started visiting the ‘Home of Hope’ orphanage from the month of September. The residents of Home of Hope were glad to see us back. We continued with our tuition classes for the boys. We conducted these tuition classes in addition to their regular classes at school. The classes were aimed at sharpening their mathematical skills and improving their general knowledge. Apart from tuition classes, we also conducted certain games such as dog and bone which helped the new members bond with the children. We are planning to give a session on career counselling at the end of academic year and finish off on a high note.