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Connect with the Villagers

We usually visit the village once a week. Mrs. Sumathi and Mrs. Kala are our main points of contact who are always there to help us. The children in the village are a most interactive and curious lot. They have always been our source of encouragement and perseverance. Regular visits and interaction have made it easier for us to know more about the village and to connect with the villagers at a deeper level.

Initiatives & Implementation

We started off by conducting a drawing competition for the children during June 2013. This served as an ice-breaker and we also involved the village women in some games. We saw active participation from all levels. We slowly explored the areas of distress and started focusing on those on a priority basis. There was a school in the village that could coach students up to standard 8. The children wanted to work on their English as it was essentially a Tamil medium school. We started conducting English classes for the school children whenever possible.

We also conducted an ‘Anti-Tobacco’ campaign, to create awareness of the ill effects of chewing/smoking tobacco. We even demonstrated the effects of tobacco smoking. This was received very well by the villagers and one of the students re-created the same act as a demonstration to some dignitaries visiting the village.

The farmers of the village respect their farm land a lot. They believe that the yield is greater than that the yield in neighbouring villages.

We then conducted a ‘Rangoli’ competition to bond with the village women. We were happily surprised with the extent of participation among the village women. The ‘kolams’ that they had made were extremely beautiful and at the end we gave our token of appreciation to all the women.

We then had the 2nd Annual KarmaYoga Convention in the month of August which was a grand success. The villagers who represented Mullikolathur at the KY Convention felt that the sessions conducted on Agriculture, Health, Self-Help and Education were very helpful. This event brought us together even more.

We also had an awesome session by Mr. Velu Srinivasan, on ‘Waste Management’ – turning waste to money. The presentation was very insightful and we took the news back to the village with the women willing to be a part of this initiative.

To implement this SLRM (Solid & Liquid Resource Management project), we had requested the villagers to volunteer to be a part of the initiative. We have collected the names of the interested villagers and handed the list over to the respective authorities who will take it up further.

We then started the ‘Kitchen Garden’ concept. In this, the households can have a small kitchen garden (a 10X10 sqft) in their own backyard, giving them the flexibility to grow small vegetables which can be used for home cooking. As part of a pilot study, we got few samples from Mr. Sami Arul, the brains behind this concept, and gave it to 2-3 households in our village. They are currently implementing the same.

Future Course of Action

  • Complete implementation of Kitchen Garden and expansion of its usage in other households.
  • Conduct more events or awareness campaigns, especially on Alcohol usage etc.
  • Conduct a health camp.
  • Conduct more classes for the children.