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VILLAGE NAME: Naduvakkarai

Naduvakkarai, located on the Pudupattinam Highway is one of the 3 villages under the Thirukazhukundram block in Kanchipuram district. The other 2 are Kunavakam and Karumarapakkam. There are 3 panchayat wards and 3 election contestants from the village.

Below are the statistics about the demographics as gathered from our multiple interactions with the villagers and Panchayat head;

Demographic Parameter

Approx Figure



2500 (1000 adults, 1500 children)


Sex ratio (Male:Female)


This is 4 year old data. Such a healthy sex ratio is a positive social indicator

Number of Children


All children go to school, no child labour thanks to an awareness program named "Hand-in-Hand"

Area in sq m






Number of Families





Main crops are rice and groundnut (June-April), while watermelon and coconut are seasonal. Unpolished rice is sold to Govt. for Rs.11/Kg while private firms offer Rs.9/kg

Laborers in local Chemical factory

Non-technical work


Earn Rs. 70-80 per day every third week


Stitching cloth, Farms and Construction

Work for export cloth markets

Social issues

Villagers very strict with regards to alcohol consumption.


Rigid Caste System. 7 different castes


SC-AD,SC-MBC, Palazhnagudiyana



Utility Parameter

Approx Figure


Municipal Building


In-house library with 5 books only and there are 2 govt. municipal workers looking into water supply

Water Supply motors,Handpumps and Overhead tanks,Wells

Water Supply motors: 3, Handpumps: 2 and Overheat Tanks: 3,Wells: 3

In case of any issues with water supply, the BDO and engineer pays a visit on the request of the panchayat

Bus service

4 govt. and 2 private buses

There are 2 bus stops

Ration Shop

One ration shop


Public Toilets


The panchayat has taken up the initiative of building toilets.


Here is the snapshot of the initiatives that we have taken in our Karma Yoga Leadership Experiential Project.

Anti-tobacco day:

The ill effects of tobacco consumption like lung & mouth cancer and other complications are known to all. The habit of tobacco consumption is very common not only in adults but also in children in Indian villages and it is very important to educate them about the harmful effects of tobacco. We thought of spreading awareness about the harmful effects through a small campaign by observing ‘Anti-Tobacco day’ in the village on May 30, 2013. A lot of activities were carried out as part of this campaign. We started by spreading information about the campaign a week in advance by distributing pamphlets among the villagers and invited them for our program. On D-Day, we got a good response audience comprised of children in huge numbers most of whom were accompanied by their parents. We started by screening of couple of videos on ‘Anti-Smoking’, which demonstrated the harmful effects of Smoking. This was followed by the enactment of a skit that depicted the story of a young person addicted to tobacco.

The quote ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is completely apt here. Rather than giving speeches and lectures, the video and skit were able to convey the message to all age groups. After the skit, we tried to bring in some elements of fun as most of the audiences were children. To involve everybody, we had a few rounds of passing-the parcel and some other games. Everybody seemed to enjoy them. After the games, we interacted with the adults and children to gauge their understanding of the videos and skits. In the end, we took the hand impressions of the audience on a chart as a memento followed by the villagers signing a ‘No-smoking’ petition. This program helped us to build a good rapport with the villagers which we intend to utilize for our future endeavours in the village.