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This year we continued with the tradition passed on from our alumnus. We started our journey with a demographic survey of the population and their occupations. From our understanding, we segmented our activities into three categories – Agriculture, Self-Help and Education.

Agricultural initiatives:

In the month of November, 2013 we organized a workshop for the farmers, which was also attended by the village Thalaiver Mr.Govindraj. The trainer shared his valuable insights on how to use different waste materials as pesticides, how to make and use bio-fertilisers and also handed over a few samples to the farmers for testing.


We made a pact with the village school to conduct regular classes on each Friday for about one hour after the school time. We are using the existing school infrastructure and provided personal attention to all the students. We started with our class with around 56 students and we expect the number to grow in leaps and bounds. We analysed the curriculum and found low emphasis on contemporary English. Hence we focused on that section heavily.

Self-help activities

In the first week of August, 2013 we conducted a self- help workshop in the village school targeting women. This workshop was conducted by a few of our batch mates who demonstrated how one could make dyed clothes using a few simple techniques. This created a huge interest and the women asked for a stitching and handicraft workshop as well. We collected names of interested persons and are now in the process of conducting weekly workshops.

Aside from all the three activities mentioned, we also connected with a lot of people who helped us to understand the current socio-economic scenario of the villages. We had a lot of fun with the village children. In the future, we will surely cherish all our inspirations, activities and realizations during this karma-yoga project.