Post graduate program in Management Flex

Application deadline: 25th October, 2018

The two year Post Graduate Program in Management - Flex helps working executives / entrepreneurs to develop holistic management competencies and prepares them for a fast track career growth.

GMATPGPM Flex is aimed at ambitious, goal-oriented, career -focused working professionals with typically 2 to 10 years of work experience, on the lookout for their career progression. The program allows executives to pursue a world class management program while providing them the flexibility of continuing their work and helps them leverage the classroom learning in their professional roles.

This 8 term (with classroom learning every alternate weekend) rigorous, fully mentored holistic program takes the work experience of the participants into consideration and facilitates their understanding of the interaction between the various functional areas of a business system. The program provides a cross-industry peer environment inside the classroom for synergistic learning with top faculty from the Great Lakes faculty pool and visiting faculty from industry and academia. Like the one year full-time PGPM program, PGPM Flex also emphasizes on skill development, teamwork, inclusivity principles and value-based management along with a program-long schedule of group and executive coaching, 360-degree assessments and team activities, designed to unleash the leadership potential in the participants and transform them into “Business Ready Managers”. 

A typical PGPM Flex student could be:

  • Self Sponsored or Company Sponsored candidates from Private/Public Sector/Government Department
  • Candidates with few years work experience in a top-notch IT company with understanding limited to projects involved, and wanting to know how the application integrates and gets delivered as a functional solution to meet client's business needs
  • A second generation entrepreneur who's not satisfied with the scale and scope of his inheritance. Though he would like a sound academic grounding, his day-to-day operational pressures does not permit him for a full-time program
  • A start up owner wanting to scale up and explore all the options, do a live project after he has got a good grounding in concepts in the first year and then hit the road
  • In the ITES / BPO industry for a few years and yet the resume lacks the punch to take him to the next trajectory
  • Playing a support role in functions like PR, Admissions, Payrolls, Merchandising etc. in the service sectors, and is in need of something more in the resume for moving up in his function
  • In the banking industry for a few years and realize that MBAs are being hired for higher positions
  • In the manufacturing industry with relevant experience, wanting to get the knowledge that would help him assess issues that impact the future of his industry and his career
  • A budding marketer who is aiming for the coveted FMCG sector
  • A professional (doctor, lawyer, model, actor, architect, teacher, cost accountants) for whom a management education is the next requirement for a scale up.


  • Two year (52 alternate weekends), 8-term academic program with rigorous 760 hours of class room learning
  • Course content similar to the one year PGPM program with the added flexibility of learning while on the job
  • Relevant and Industry oriented courses delivered by highly acclaimed and experienced faculty
  • Quality interactions and cross-industry peer environment for synergistic learning
  • Cross functionals inputs from various specialization areas
  • Unique, fully mentored 6 credit dissertation work which runs through the entire second year of the program

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