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Student Blog

Why India needs Social Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are the individuals who have innovative ideas to set up a business with all the risks involved.  On the other hand, social entrepreneurs are the ones who have most unique and innovative solutions to the intimidating social problems. They are determined and resolute, dealing with all major social issues and offering new ideas for large-scale change. From the .... Read More

Trends in Business Education

The year 2008 financial crisis paved for an emphasis towards risk management and sustainability in the economy. Events like this affect globally and create demand for what is needed in the market, leading to trends in Management and Businesses. The only way to adapt to these changes is through Education as the sector is also .... Read More

Reskilling for Career growth – Fast track MBAs

In today’s technologically disrupted world, there is an increasing demand for relevant skill sets as opposed to conventional skill sets. Realizing the competitive skills expected of employees, executives are always on the lookout to enhance their skills through academic opportunities. One way that allows executives to expand into and grow in the management career is .... Read More

Brick & Mortar to Online Market – New Business Strategy by Reliance Retail

The formula for a successful business is Change your strategy as trends changes. And this is exactly what India’s largest and most profitable retail company, Reliance Industries embraces. Reliance Retail, India’s largest brick-and-mortar retail chain is now setting foot on the country’s red-hot online retail market. As everyone is aware, be it any business, Online retailing .... Read More

Amazon in Indian E-commerce space

Great Laker Rohit Poonia from PGPM Class of 2019 writes on  Amazon and its emergence in Indian E-commerce space over the years, how its evolving and bringing in ways to cater the market here in our country.  It is the occasion of the first birthday of a child in a traditional Indian family. And following .... Read More

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