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Karma Yoga

About Karma-Yoga convention

"An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory” said Ralph Waldo Emerson once and that’s what Great Lakes is trying to achieve through this Annual Convention. 

The Annual Karma-Yoga Convention is an all-inclusive platform that brings together farmers, businessmen, self-help groups, non-governmental organizations, students, local Panchayat leaders and every other stake-holder relevant in the rural development schema together under one roof. With the festive air of a carnival, staging music, dance and theatre, discussion forums and more, we invite you to a day that is dedicated to celebrating the colorful cultures and talents of the local people as well as to address some of the raging socio-economic issues in our villages.


In sync with our mission of holistic development, inculcating passion with compassion, ability with humility, mobility with nobility, and success with integrity; we have developed a Leadership Experiential Project (LEP) called Karma-Yoga. KARMA-YOGA, a Leadership Experiential Program (LEP) is an integral part of the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at Great Lakes.

The Karma-Yoga project is a unique medium for students to connect with ground realities and experientially learn transformational-leadership. The LEP creates a mutual win-win situation for both the students and the twenty villages around the campus which have been adopted by Great Lakes. While the villages get budding managers to enable the villagers to lift themselves unto their better selves, the students acquire a first-hand understanding of what it means to create followers and transform them.

"To lead people, walk behind them"- Lao Tzu

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