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Work Summary:

The Karma Yoga project is a unique opportunity provided to each of us to discover practically the skills of leadership, by adopting a village and introducing positive changes in it. In this project we are supposed to build a relationship with villagers as a team and assist in improving their day to day life. We are expected to learn the lessons of leadership and team work through implementation at the ground level.

Our initial visits to the village were aimed at understanding the focus areas and learning the dynamics of the village. As we tried to gain better insights into the nature of the problems, we had the growing realization that becoming a part of someone's world was the key element, before we could begin to transform them. In the initial few visits we interacted with the villagers and understood some areas where we could pitch in and help them improve on it. Below is a list of major activities conducted in the village by the KY team.

Anti- Alcohol and Anti- Smoking Campaign

We noticed that alcohol and tobacco consumption were major issues in the village. We planned to launch an awareness campaign in the village. We did door to door campaigning and invited the villagers to attend the event. We conducted an experiment to display the harmful effect of cigarettes. We also performed a play describing the effect of alcohol on an individual and the family. In the end we played few videos on the projector to convey our message.

Medical Camp

Another area of improvement we noticed was in the health domain. As the villagers had to travel long distances to get diagnosed, we planned a medical camp in the village. The medical camp included eye check-up, dental check-up, diabetes check-up, general check-up. We contacted the rotary club who in turn arranged for doctors from Chetinad hospital and Uma eye clinic. To make the camp a huge success and reach to as many people as possible, we went in for a heavy advertising campaign. We went door to door distributing pamphlets and made announcements on loudspeakers. This heavy advertisement led to a huge turnout. More than 250 people came in and got themselves checked.

Volleyball Tournament

Our village is mainly divided into 3 parts namely Chinna colony, Peria colony and Main Village. To improve the dynamics between different parts of village we thought of organising a volleyball tournament. Since we knew that sports help in improving the relationship between different countries, we thought that organising the volleyball tournament here would likewise improve relationships. This tournament helped the village youth to interact among themselves and also helped us in improving our relationship with them.

Spoken English and Maths Class

Due to a huge demand from the parents to conduct spoken English classes, we started teaching the school children on a weekly basis. The children used to learn the words by rote and were able to spell words only from their books. We tried to explain to them how to break words into small parts and try not to memorize the words. After few weeks of English classes, the students and the parents asked us to teach math as well. We were more than happy to include math as a subject.

Teacher’s day celebration

We celebrated Teacher’s day at Vittilapuram School. When we were interacting with the school children we came to know that the children had never celebrated teacher’s day. So we decided to celebrate it and let the students know about the importance of teachers in our lives. We organised a drawing competition with a theme of teacher/school. The creative minds of the students came into picture, resulting in many beautiful drawings. We also interacted with the teachers and tried to explain to the students about the importance of this day.

Road Ahead:

Apart from the major activities mentioned above there are few more activities like TNSF science club activities, regular help to the school in terms of preparation and selection of the students for the national quiz etc.

The below mentioned activities are also planned for the coming 2-3 months.

  • Solid and Liquid Waste Management
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Vocational training by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)
  • Getting documents from the school to obtain Desktops, donated by Infosys.
  • Tree plantation drive