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Customized programs

Customized ProgramsGreat Lakes provides the right tools to nurture your people to the cutting edge of leadership. We encourage them to embrace change, strive for best-practices, ask what leadership means on a day-day basis.

Simply put we help organizations achieve people development goals to achieve its own objectives!

Presently and in the past we’ve seen number of managers with development needs in areas such as leadership, marketing, communication, negotiation, delivery, change-management, decision making, team direction & development. We understand that every organization and individual is unique and must be addressed accordingly, thus we spend focused and structured time in analyzing and addressing issues at the root and underlying level.

Examples of some of the client-custom needs we’ve addressed are:

1. Post-acquisition sensitization for new business areas
2. Identifying opportunities for accelerated organic growth beyond operational excellence
3. Re-alignment of people’s perspectives to achieve the overall vision of the company
4. Breaking silo-mindsets to work more collaboratively and contribute across business units
5. Thriving in changing business climate

To achieve the specific organizational-development objectives we follow a systematic approach through which we first understand the core underlying issues as well the macro-picture of vision, mission, objectives and people roles and then design a plan to work on these development-specific areas be it building competencies, aligning perspectives, team working…

The next step in the process would be to deliver the program in line with the size, nature and level of participants, varied learning methods such as lectures, case-studies, role-play, adult-learning activities, simulation are deployed to ensure effective engaged-learning.

Once the participants have learned we help them internalize the learning by providing a practice framework which is real-time in their workplace, this is achieved by project monitoring, special assignments.

We realize with all the above mentioned the participants still struggle with individual-specific areas of improvement and growth, our frame-work of coaching for the behavioral change and mentoring for functional direction strengthens the learning and ensures real change and value.