Global Mindset. Indian Roots.

Empirical Studies 2013-14

Aspirae technologies
Find the impact of various factors on the success of a Bollywood movie
GMR Sports (Delhi Daredevils IPL Team)
Retail Strategy for Sports Merchandise in NCR via Consumer and Retailer Research
Feasibility of Business trust model for Indian infrastructure projects
Indian Roadways Corporation
Zero Based Costing for the In Land Logistics and also the factors influencing the brokers’ price
Maruti Suzuki Ltd.
Reducing lead time by analyzing supply chain management system of Maruti Suzuki Ltd.
Oxigen Services
  1. Implementation of effective Service Monitoring Techniques at Mpower, Oxigen’s new IT division to improve productivity and efficiency
  2. Finding out a feasability model to understand and reduce churn rate of distributers and RMU's through analytics
Pro-Activ Foods
Analysis of factors that drive category selection in e-commerce.
Range Design Studio
To understand the consumer preferences in toy selection in Indian market by studying consumer demographics
Shop Clues
Analyzing the buying pattern, trend and profiling of the Customers in
Shop Clues
Factors affecting the effective delivery Time & Cost in E-commerce
Ecommerce conversion rate improvement strategy using Web Analytics
Times Internet
Developing a model for evaluating and rating gyms and fitness centres across India
Tri Networks
Viability Analysis of a Localised Online Classifieds Portal
Valgen Business Solutions
Using Mobility and Cloud to capture the impact of "recency effect" on customer satisfaction in service industry
Technical analysis of indian stock market using Ichimoku, Heikin Ashi, Candlesticks and Open Interest

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