Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon, held its 8th Annual Convocation for the Class of 2019 at Airforce Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi with 239 students successfully graduating in a ceremony graced by Chief Guest, Mr Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & MD, Nestlé India Ltd.

The graduating class of 2019 was elated to receive their convocation address and graduation certificates from Mr Narayanan, a veteran in the FMCG industry, who has held Top Leadership positions at Nestlé Singapore, Philippines and Egypt, Mr Narayanan joined Nestlé India as Chairman & MD in 2015. He not only brought Nestlé India successfully out of the Maggi crisis, but also, in a span of a year, helped Maggi noodles fully regain its market share.

Delivering the convocation address, Mr Suresh Narayanan shared the wisdom gathered over the three decades of his corporate life experience, summarized in the 10 principles. The 10c’s principles, as he calls them comprised of Clarity, Competence, Credibility, Courage, Concentration, Constraints, Compassion, Creativity, Continuous Learning and Contentment.  He encouraged students to be passionate, to work hard, to be highly knowledgeable, and focus on building credibility, as in the tough trenches, a person is recognized by the quality of work and not by the degrees earned. He inspired them to have the courage to do the right things even against all odds, to respect human values, and be remembered as a leader by people for how he makes them feel and not for how many targets he achieves. He advised them to concentrate on the job at hand and to embrace creativity as a part of the spirit. He told them that the constraints are unnecessary barriers that we build in our lives, so one should remove mental blocks, prioritize and have time for recreation. He concluded his speech by adding that "the learning never ends and as we move ahead in life we should be thankful and must exhibit gratitude, keeping aside our ego".

Congratulating the graduating batch through a video message, Padmashri awardee Dr Bala V Balachandran, Founder, Dean and Chairman, Great Lakes Institute of Management, advised them to not be afraid of taking the toughest job. "As, if you manage to accomplish the task, you will always be remembered as a hero and if you fail, then you would have learnt a lot from the experience and you would be known for exhibiting courage," said Dr Bala.  Dr Bala shared with them his golden rules for a successful career, saying, "one should follow one’s Passion with Compassion and should always try to succeed with integrity". He told them to always have the winning attitude as it’s the attitude that matters and not aptitude. "During this transformation from learning stage to professional stage, uncertainties are inevitable but always remember that “ winners never quit and quitters never win", opined Dr Bala.

Dr Debashis Sanyal, Director, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon then took over the lectern and listed the highlights of the institute’s developments. Receiving the prestigious AMBA (Association of MBA’s) accreditation, being ranked among the top 5 emerging business schools by the NHRDN, liaisons with reputed foreign institutes such as ESCP Europe Business School and University of Texas, were the key milestones achieved by the institute. Concluding his report, Dr Sanyal urged the students, "to keep learning and growing, remembering and giving back to parents, the institute and teachers, and to the society, for the success you achieve in life."

Concluding the day’s proceedings, Mr Mohan Lakhamraju, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Great Lakes Institute of Management, addressed the graduates by describing a newfound acronym to MBA – Mastery, Belongingness, Attitude. Mastery comes from developing an expertise in a particular aspect and learning to do it well. Belongingness comes from developing meaningful relationships with people and maintaining those relationships. The right attitude is necessary to stay positive and do things the right way. With this message, he conveyed his compliments to the graduates and brought the convocation ceremony to closure.

As a part of the convocation ceremony, a number of academic honors were handed to the meritorious students. In the PGPM batch, gold medals were awarded to Kothekar Pushkar Waman for academic excellence and to Bruno Varghese Nellisery for being the Dr Bala V Balachandran outstanding performer. In PGDM batch, gold medals were awarded to Hari Shrushth Shukla for academic excellence, and Garima Gupta for being the Dr Bala V Balachandran outstanding performer.

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