Center for Energy Management & Research

Energy requirements for the country are rising at a rapid pace. Today, we have more ambitious goals than ever in the history of the country. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director IMF, remarked that India is a key engine for global economic growth and a ‘bright star’ in an otherwise gloomy global economic horizon. But, she also cautioned the country on availability of reliable and affordable sources of energy. Growing economy needs growing availability of energy. India’s vision on growth is grand. After taking 60 years to reach the $1-trillion mark, India added the next trillion in just seven years. It is expected to be a $5 trillion economy in ten years’ time. This unprecedented growth is expected to raise the energy demand in the country faster than expected. This surging energy demand can’t be met in traditional ways. A constructive disruption is required. The energy basket has to change. The way it is regulated, financed, marketed, produced, transmitted, distributed and finally the way it is consumed has to change and also has changed over the period.

Centre for Energy Management and Research has been set up to create the right kind of human resource for the energy industry, for astute management, in this stage of inflection in energy demand. Some of the main activities of the Centre have been listed below:

  1. Building comprehensive competencies in the diverse areas of energy business– Oil & Gas, Power, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, through the 2-year Post Graduate Program in Energy Management
  2. To design and conduct relevant training and management development programs for enhancing the understanding and hence the performance of employees of the energy industry.
  3. To conduct research and publish reports and articles to enable various stakeholders of the energy industry to develop better understanding of the changing business environment and its impact on the sector and the economy.
  4. Exposing our students to the various opportunities coming up in the energy businesses like - Consulting, Trading, Market Research, Financing, Retailing and Operations Management.
  5. Providing regular interactions to our students, with eminent people from the industry, in form of Guest Lectures; Business Plan Competitions; Workshops; Seminars and Panel Discussions and variety of other exciting events.
  6. Working with energy sector companies to get some of their projects executed by our students. These are done as Summer Internships (2 months) and Live Projects (around 6 months) that are a compulsory part of their academic curriculum.
  7. Partnering with energy sector businesses for their talent acquisition needs that can be met through our graduating students and alumni.


  • IIT Stuart School of Business
  • University of Bordeaux
  • UMKC
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