Research & Analytics Center of Excellence (RACE)

“The future is here”, as cliché as it may sound, rapid strides in the areas of computation has ensured that organizations and institutions are increasingly taking more informed decisions using rigorous data science. The McKinsey Global Institute projects that by 2018, the US alone would require close to 200,000 analytics specialists and 1.5 million more data-literate managers. With over 1500 technical colleges, graduating over 500,000 graduates each year and 125 million new entrants to the workforce in the next five years, India is an education superpower, most suited to bridge this gap. However, the training should begin now. The research to support the training, even earlier! RACE promises to bridge some of these gaps.

At RACE, our emphasis on big data analytics involve- Collect, Analyze, Report and Execute. We do not only emphasis on secondary transaction data. We create data. In other words, we undertake survey as well as extract data that may remain hitherto unknown. We believe that India is not only the going to be the talent base for Analytics but it will be one of the markets with immense potential and scope for studying. To understand India, we need to move beyond mere transaction data. One needs to identify and assess what a potential 200 million customers need when very little of what they actually do is digitized. Our team of data Scientists is well trained to do rigorous analysis of the data and generate visually appealing dashboards with implementable and executable plans.

Race Currently Has The Following Activities:

  1. Research, Education and Training are our core strengths. The core team is comprised of individuals who are research oriented and also have successful teaching stints with various national and international institutions of repute. Distinct from most, some of our core team members have designed, analyzed and provided complete analytical solutions to Governments, Multi Lateral Donors as well as Corporates.
  2. Exposing our students to the various opportunities in Analytics companies through a guest lecture series of senior analytics professionals and trough live project opportunities in Analytics firms of repute so that they get a first-hand experience of ‘life as an Analytics expert’.
  3. Building analytics competencies among our students through offering Business Analytics specialization with 8 elective courses that are taught by a team of senior analytics professionals.
  4. The center offers a certificate program in Analytics for working professionals called PGPBA. PGPBA is a 10 months program with a mixture of online learning modules and classroom contact sessions. The program emphasizes on concepts in Statistics, Optimization as well as Finance, Marketing, Digital Marketing and Supply Chain Management.
  5. RACE offers short duration course either through class room discussion mode or as one day workshop at various institutions of repute. For e.g. a 2 day workshop or a 10 session course on Credit Risk Management.
  6. Partnering with Analytics companies for their talent acquisition needs that can be met through our graduating students and alumni.
  7. RACE has strong ties with Analytics Industry. Together with the partners, RACE designs curriculum of long duration as well as shorter duration programs. Industry partner also help us in
    • Engage in joint research activities
    • Developing and delivering specific modules in each of the program
    • Help the participants through frequent interactions and projects
    • Periodical review of the Centers’ activities.


  • IIT Stuart School of Business
  • University of Bordeaux
  • UMKC
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