Digital & Internet Center of Excellence (DICE)

The digital economy has been undergoing hyper growth globally as well as in India. Start-ups using the Internet as a backbone for solving big problems of customers in different sectors have been taking root at a very fast pace and securing funding to fuel high growth in a short span of time. The advent of affordable smart phones in India has resulted in a huge increase in Internet penetration with a large number of people using their smartphone as their first and only device to access the Internet. This proliferation of Internet connected smartphones has led to a huge addressable market space for a plethora of value propositions offered by Internet businesses. To cater to these smartphone customers, many of these businesses are employing a mobile first or mobile only strategy. A large number of innovative business models with some very interesting monetization options have been evolving over time.

The Digital & Internet Center of Excellence (DICE) at Great Lakes, Gurgaon has been set up to engage with Internet businesses and prepare our students for the growing opportunities in this space. DICE currently has the following activities:

  1. Exposing our students to the various opportunities in Internet businesses through a guest lecture series of senior Internet business professionals.
  2. Building Internet business core competencies among our students through full-fledged course on Internet Business that is exclusively taught by a team of senior Internet professionals.
  3. Working with Internet businesses to get some of their projects executed by our students. These are done as live projects that are a compulsory part of their academic curriculum.
  4. Developing case studies of companies in the Internet business space for use in Business School pedagogy.
  5. Organizing panel discussions and round tables involving senior Internet business professionals that discuss topics of contemporary relevance and help arrive at possible future opportunities in this sector.
  6. Partnering with Internet businesses for their talent acquisition needs that can be met through our graduating students and alumni.


  • IIT Stuart School of Business
  • University of Bordeaux
  • UMKC
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