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Our students participate in a number of live projects, and provide innovative solutions to business problems of various renowned corporate houses. For the one year PGPM students, live projects are a mandatory component of their curriculum.

Students can approach companies for live projects in areas of their choice, or choose from among the project opportunities proposed by our corporate partners. If you wish to engage our students for live projects, please write to

This year the students engaged in a number of live projects from various industries and domains. Apart from these, some of the students were also involved in research based empirical studies. Below are the details of the projects undertaken during the year 2019-20.

Classification of Projects

Functional Classification

Functional Classification

Industry Classification

Industry Classification

Others Include: Human Resources, Healthcare, etc

Live Projects Undertaken

Industry Function Problem Statement
Garments - Non Profit Organisation Digital Marketing Devise a digital marketing strategy for NGO products so that it can increase its outreach
Healthcare Digital marketing Designing digital strategy to Increase the digital traffic on healthcare website.
Healthcare Marketing Formulate a digital marketing strategy for enhancing the customer online booking and engagement for a hospital chain
Hospitality Digital Marketing Devise a digital marketing strategy to create a digital footprint of a hotel
Research and Consulting Analytics Statistical validation of a new framework
FMCG Analytics Measure in quantifiable terms marketing ROI for FMCG Product
FMCG Digital marketing  Find market opportunity for a new FMCG company
Research Analytics Link the school level data to Skill India initiative for Odissa
Empirical Study Analytics Vulnerability Assessment of Sundarbans Area
Online Education Digital Marketing  Expansion of an Ed-Tech company’s AI & Machine Learning Program in Tier 2 cities
Healthcare Marketing What are the key decision points/influencers for consumer to decide health care provider doctor and how can digital presence of the hospital influence the decision
Healthcare Marketing Detailed analysis to streamline the processes to improve the Emergency Services; to include best practices from across the globe.
Research and Technology Analytics Use of a proprietary tool to determine the Prosperity Index of rural areas 
Hotel Management Marketing Creating a road map for the future by marketing the resort to attract new talent
Manufacturing Operations To implement a new layout design for the existing store that houses all the inventory pertaining to the manufacturing processes involved using the 5S framework in order to achieve high operational efficiency
Education Marketing Increasing the digital presence of an education firm and creating a detailed marketing plan with SEO optimisation as focus
NGO Marketing Enhancing the brand awareness of an NGO
Healthcare Marketing research Digital strategy for the reason of less usage of digital medium for booking appointments
Technology Marketing  Digital marketing assessment, website revamp, Market sizing and competitive analysis 
Infrastructure  Project finance  Best practices to fund large infrastructure projects that are revenue sustainable and mitigate risks
Technology Market Research Implementing a market research plan and devising a strategy for expansion of ERP softwares to medical colleges
Real-Estate Digital Marketing Devise a go-to-market strategy for a tool/software which is used for centralizing Real-Estate operations
Healthcare Marketing To build a market strategy for the niche service of Proton therapy
Healthcare Marketing Conduct Market Research to understand acceptance of toilet pans in villages of Haryana
Share Markets and Finance Finance Investment advisory for suggesting mutual funds based on Risk profile and age
Furniture  Marketing Detailed analysis to determine the Plywood and Medium Density Fiber board market in India
Education Marketing Providing strategy to increase the visiblity of an eductation firm in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities thereby increasing its sales 
FMCG Marketing To identify the kind of influence an influencer creates and how potent they are in terms of moving the needle for the customer
Share Markets and Finance Analytics and Finance Mutual Funds Portfolio Recommendation based on Risk Assessment of customer
Healthcare Analytics Strategizing Hospital Ambulance network service and suggesting a plan for hub and spoke model
Education Marketing Digital Marketing strategy for Careers of Future
Manufacturing Marketing Segmentation for targeting customers + building marketing stratergy
Healthcare Digital marketing  Formulate digital Strategy for a hospital chain with objective to enhance the digital presence globally and increase appointments from digital channels. 
Education Digital Marketing Digital marketing strategy for an Ed-Tech platform
Share Markets and Finance Finance Analysis of various investment options
Skin Care Marketing Launch Strategy for a new skincare brand
FMCG Marketing & Analytics To study the consumption pattern and evolving consumer trends
Automobile Analytics Radio cab usage by millennials
Education Digital Marketing and Market Research Digital marketing strategy for Ed-Tech firm
Healthcare Market research Strategy for extreme age groups in Emergency Room (Pediatrics and geriatrics).
Banking Finance and Analytics Inactivity in Bank Accounts in India
FMCG Research Launch Strategy for a new skincare brand
Clothing Brand Dgitial Marketing Designing online marketing campaign for the brand
Healthcare & Femtech Market Research & Advertising Increasing market share and sales of packages/revenue through advertising and brand collaboration tie-ups.
HR Analytics Prediction of unplanned leaves of employees
Banking Analytics To verify whether Market Supports Financial Inclusion Through Exhaustive Data Analysis


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