Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga
Experiential Learning Through Service

Karma Yoga is a unique transformational program that helps students develop empathy, leadership, and management skills while having a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of people. Great Lakes, Gurgaon, has developed a network with the local schools, teachers, and village leaders to understand the problems faced by them. The network includes 27 government-run primary, middle, and high schools located near the institute.

Through Karma Yoga, our students are equipped with techniques to identify and creatively solve problems, while learning the art of collaboration. The program fosters self-managing teamwork, enabling students to proactively contribute to Karma Yoga projects with minimal supervision. Upon initiation, students are assigned their Karmabhoomi (area of service). The program is spearheaded by Prof. S.K. Palhan - Founding Director of Great Lakes Institute of Management, and supported by the students to be a beacon of positive change.

Karma Yoga Highlights

Karmabhoomis (villages)


Village schools assisted


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Karma Yoga Highlights


The Karma Yoga program is a vehicle that helps the institute engage with the communities around the school and engineer societal impact. During this academic year, the Karma Yoga program has witnessed remarkable expansion, resulting in:

  • Enabling over 2,500 school-going children to access tuition classes, science clubs, and educational activities
  • Providing crucial career counseling to senior students in village schools
  • Conducting workshops nurturing effective communication skills and facilitating team-building activities for school children
  • Establishing science and computer labs, along with smart boards, in village schools
  • Organizing cleanliness and tree plantation drives in collaboration with village schools
  • Cultivating herbal gardens in five village schools
  • Students and teachers from some of the schools were invited to visit the Great Lakes, Gurgaon campus for career guidance programs and team games.
  • Interactive career guidance sessions by Great Lakes faculty
  • Inspiring out-of-the-box thinking through creativity programs led by volunteer students

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