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Crest is the annual inter B-School festival of Great Lakes, Gurgaon. The festival features a potpourri of events and competitions that encompasses various spheres of management education in the field of marketing, finance, operations, strategy and Human Resources. Great Lakes host this event every time at their Gurgaon campus and ropes in an esteemed guest of panelists to judge the respective events based on the current theme for every year. Crest from its humble beginnings in 2011 has made a mark in the annual B School festival arena.

This year Crest was held on 21-22 November, 2016.

CREST 6.0 - DAY 1

The sixth edition of CREST, the annual management fest for Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon had a flying start for the first time in its very own fully residential campus. This year’s theme “The Colosseum – Arena for Business Gladiators”, celebrated the business acumen of the Gladiators.

The event started with Dr. Himadri Das, Director, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon delivering the welcome address. The address was followed by the Chief Guest of the day, Mr.Prabhat Singh, Managing Director and CEO, Petronet LNG Limited, delivering his keynote address. In his inspiring speech, Mr.Prabhat Singh spoke about how technology is changing the world and is impacting the growth. He said, “The moment technology is democratized, it reaches the common man”. Mr. Singh also emphasized that being technologically updated could be the key to many successful business models. Coming from the Oil and Gas industry he also threw some light on the scope of new startups in this particular space. He concluded his speech by saying that, “Any organization should be nimble, agile and adaptive to thrive in this industry”. Prof. Ahindra Chakrabarti rendered the vote of Thanks.

Next, we had Mr. Sanjay Singh from QorQL to talk about “Connecting the dots in the Healthcare Industry: Accessibility to Affordability”. He highlighted how data is being used by QorQL to solve the various problems which plague the healthcare sector. He spoke about the scope for better use of technology to bridge the gap between health seekers & health providers, and making healthcare more affordable. Mr. Sanjay Singh also touched upon the need to raise awareness about health insurance among people.

What followed after was a day full of intense competitive events that tested the mettle of various young business gladiators who came from different parts of the country to participate in this event.

1) Gift of Gab:

Gift of Gab brought out the public speaking and constructive argumentative skills of the competitors. The event had a panel of three judges – Mr. Sourindra Bhowmick – Director, Xperia Consulting, and Dr. Poornima Gupta – Associate Professor in OB and HRM, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon and Mrs. Era Sood – Manager – CCS, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon. The topic for the final round of discussion was “Making India a Manufacturing Hub – Is it a Dream or a Real Possibility?”



  • Karan Singh – Great Lakes, Gurgaon
  • Ira Mahajan – Great Lakes, Gurgaon



  • Arijit Chatterjee – Great Lakes, Gurgaon
  • Siddharth – Great Lakes, Gurgaon


Team Fighters gearing up for their events.


Teams had to present elaborate business plans including the feasibility and the ROI of their businesses. They also had to explain about their industry, target groups, targeted market size and market share. They were required to explain their marketing plans and financial plans of their business.


  • 1. Prof. S.K Palhan
  • 2. Prof. G.M Pant
  • 3. Prof. Sridhar


1st Prize:

From SIBM, Pune

  • 1. Aman Khandelwal
  • 2. Shubham Maheshwari

2nd Prize:

  • 1. Himanshu Garg – IIM, K
  • 2. Kunal Gandhi - MDI, Gurgaon


Post presentation Q&A session in progress


The battle of marketers was an event where the aspiring marketers were given a case study related to marketing. The topic was “Netflix in India”. The teams had to do an analysis if India is their potential profitable market. If yes, then will there subscription model work in the country. Teams had to consider themselves as the head of Netflix and talk about the changes that they would make, what will be its implications, justify the reasons why Netflix has not been doing well, provide solutions and recommendations, andcontemplate their future strategies.

Judge – Prof. Jones Mathew


1st Prize:

Fore School of Management

  • 1. Shyam Prasad Panda

2nd Prize:


  • 1. Kumar Milan
  • 2. Kapil Kanungo
  • 3. Saheb Singh Bhatia


MDI Murshidabad team presenting their ideas on the case topic.


The event “Datatron” was an analytical event that had been organized around getting analytical solutions to real life problems. The problem given to the teams was about how Delhi smog is rampant nowadays and it is frequently aggravated by the presence of pollutants in the environment around us and the students were required to come up with solutions to deal with the problem and curb it. There were four teams in all and three of them were from Great Lakes, Gurgaon while one was from IMI, Delhi who won the event. The solution was to be given in the form of a presentation that was judged by Mr. Mohammad Saif and Mr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay. The winning team consisted of Mr. Debarun Misra and Mr. Somraj Sarkar from IMI,New Delhi while the runner up team comprised of Ankit Makhija, ShivaniKhullar, and SatenderPratap Singh from Great Lakes Gurgaon.


Team IMI presenting their number crunching skills.


For ploy of the immortals a consulting case study was given to participants. This event challenged the skills of participants to become emerging business leaders. A real time business problem was given and all the participants were asked to present their approach. All the teams came out with innovative ideas and proved themselves to be future business leaders.


1. Team Vitoria (IMI)
Debarati Dasgupta
Vinayak Pandey

2. Recx( GLIM)
1. Hariram
2. Pratyusha


Winners and runner-up of the Ploy of Immortals event along with the distinguished judges


Participants were given a case which included data of three tutorial American companies (the company, its competitor and a startup). Based on the data given, the participants had to analyse the case and find solution for the company’s major issue of accelerating revenue but declining profit. They had to provide recommendations for the same as well. Once the round was over, the two judges for the event declared the top 2 teams based on the teams’ presentation skills, structure of the presentation and on problem understanding.

Judges: -

Mr. Rajeev Budhraja

VP Procurement in Suzuki motorcycle Pvt. Ltd.

He is an IIM Lucknow alumnus and has more than 20 years of experience.

2) Prof. S Palhan

Faculty, Great Lakes institute of Management, Gurgaon

Winners: - 2 Teams shared 1st position:

  • 1) Himanshu, Bennett University
  • 2) Mukesh, Bennett University
  • 3) Pratik, Bennett University
  • 1) Naveen, Great Lakes institute of Management, Gurgaon
  • 2) Vishnu, Great Lakes institute of Management, Gurgaon
  • 3) Annamalai, Great Lakes institute of Management, Gurgaon


Mahim from Great Lakes presenting the profit loss accounts to the distinguished judges.


The Arena of Quizzieswas hands down the most exciting event of the day and the energy in the room was unparalleled. The participating teams consisted of students from FMS Delhi, IMI Delhi, SIMS Delhi and Great Lakes Gurgaon.

The battle between the teams began with the first round having a mixed bag of questions from ancient history, advertising, business, economics and sports.

After round 1, team from FMS Delhi and Great Lakes- 2 Bidders had a tie and were playing neck to neck.

The second round consisted of taglines. Some interesting taglines were thrown to the teams which made them think hard and visualize the logos.

Round 3 comprised of questions related to products and brand names.

In round 4 participants were asked to identify famous business personalities shown in the pictures.

The Arena of Quizzes concluded with a rapid fire round with the team from Great Lakes - (2 Bidders)

winning the competition and FMS Delhi being the runner-up.


All the teams set for the rapid fire round.


Key note

“CREST 6.0”-The second day of Crest6.0, the annual management fest of the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon began with a series of events listed for the day with students pouring in from several other prestigious colleges. The theme of the event was "#trending towards victory."

The event kicked off with the lightning of the lamp by the guest of honour for the day, Mr. Anil Gupta, Vice President, Platform Strategy, Datawind Corporation.Dr. SK Palhan,Dr. Jones Mathew,Dr.Umashankar Venkatesh of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon welcomed the esteemed guest in the campus. The session started with a welcome address by Dr. Umashankar Venkatesh. He welcomed the guest of honour by words of appreciation and expressed gratitude for taking out time for joining us in the celebrations.

This was followed by a presentation by one of the students highlighting the expanse and penetration of the telecom sector and its predictable contribution to the GDP (which is believed to be 8.2%) by 2020.

The industry interaction started on the same note with the guest of honour, Mr. Gupta, giving insight into how the smart devices and connectivity have slowly increased their hold in our lives. He mentioned how Technology impacted companies and the concern areas that required focus. He mentioned about the high penetration rate of several companies such as Reliance, Airtel, etc. and elaborated on how Analytics has a key role in improving business for the companies such as improving churn rate, sales, risk management, customer management, marketing, sales and distribution, network management, support functions, etc.He also mentioned about the increase in the number of apps, especially the Kids’ Smart Mobile School(KSMS) App that imparted education to below poverty line(BPL) kids as part of rural penetration and was globally gaining appreciation for the kind of work it was doing.

The discussion ended with a question and answer round by the students, Vote of Thanks and presenting of memento by Dr. Jones Matthew, faculty for Marketing at Great Lakes, Gurgaon to the esteemed guest.

The events that were planned for day 2 are as follows:

1) The Alexanderers

This event wascentered on planning astrong CSR strategic proposal. There were five teams that participated and all of them were from Great Lakes, Gurgaon. The event was judged by Dr. S. K. Palhan, and Dr. Sridhar Telidevara, both of them being the faculty at Great Lakes, Gurgaon. The event required students to prepare a presentation on vision of the suggestive CSR, the steps to achieve it, and, most importantly, how this plan reinforces the organization’s mission. A solution was to be designed giving a detailed outlook of the costs associated with your campaign: financial, allocated staff time, advertising/promotion costs, vendor contracts, start-up costs, etc.

The winning team comprised of Kishna N. Nayak andMrAkshayKirti and the runner upswere Ms. PratyushaJonna and Mr. Hariram.

2) The Energisers

The event was centered around the Electricity (Amendment) Act 2014, that discusses the separation of content and carrier. It was a case based event where the participants were required to submit an abstract and the second round consisted of presentations in front of Judges from the industry. The judges were happy about the understanding of the case and the knowledge of the participants in the regulatory aspects of the power sector.

The first prize was bagged by the team from Great Lakes Institute of management, Gurgaon and the second prize was bagged by MDI, Gurgaon.

3) The Legend of Hercules

Legend of Hercules was an HR event conducted across B-schools all over India .The event was conducted in two different rounds.Round 1 was an online HR quiz event which witnessed participation of 24 teams of which 5 teams qualified for the final rounds (conducted at the campus).The teams were given a small HR case in the final round.They were asked to analyse the case and present a solution to the judges.The event was judged by Prakhar Srivastava,HR, E&Y and DrPoornima Gupta, Professor Great Lakes.The first and second position were bagged by Great Lakes.

4) Fiz-Whiz

This event focused on the financial aptitude of the participants as they had to prepare a presentation for a case study on ‘Tata steel acquiring Corus’. The case was to judge the knowledge and thoughts of the students on mergers and acquisitions. The participating teams were really enthusiastic and gave their best.


Dr. Ahindra Chakrabarti (Professor at Great Lakes Gurgaon);

Dr. Preeti Goyal (Professor at Great Lakes Gurgaon)

First prize Winners:

  • 1. Himani - Great Lakes Gurgaon
  • 2. Suryamanyu - Great Lakes Gurgaon

Second prize winners:

  • 1. Malay - Great Lakes Gurgaon
  • 2. Kinshuk - Great Lakes Gurgaon
  • 3. Gokul - Great Lakes Gurgaon


CREST 6.0 concluded on a remarkable note with 19 teams participating in “SIGN OF THE TREASURE” event. Participants displayed great enthusiasm and teamwork to collect clues and discover the ultimate treasure hidden inside the campus.

The Experience

Organizing this management fest was nothing short of a brilliant learning experience for all the students, participants and the faculty. Quoting Dr. Das, Director, GLIM Gurgaon, “It is something for the students, by the students that enhance their learning experience in a fun kind of a way.” After all, the best kind of knowledge is the one that is gained by experience. Therefore, this is the experience that will help the students of Great Lakes and all participating colleges when they go out in the real world and face real business challenges.

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