Recent Programs

Recent Programs


A 16-day residential program in 4 modules, 4 days each tailor-made for high performing managers who manage a portfolio of INR 1000 Crores. The aim of the program is to create vibrant managers who understand the linkage between their immediate circumstances and a dynamic global economic scenario.

A 60-day residential induction program for two batches of RBI’s direct recruit officers offering comprehensive management tools tailored to suit the needs of personal bankers.

Reserve Bank of India
Ashok Leyland

An 11-day young talent program designed to develop functional capabilities for young managers. The program covers cost leadership, process excellence, design thinking and innovation as well as promoting a high-performance culture within a team.

14-day managerial effectiveness program: Genesys is a $850 MM Technology company with leadership in customer experience and contact center solutions. We have customized a 14-day residential program in 5 modules of 2-4 days each at GLIM and 2-day outbound with partner. The audience consists of Managers with 5-15 years work experience, and the goal of the initiative is to build managerial competencies and encourage thinking about opportunities / areas of growth.


6-day program to build Leadership pipeline: Hyundai is India's largest car exporter and second largest car manufacturer, and want to maintain their position by investing in their high potential talent of 180 managers across locations. We customized a 6-day Program in two tiers - one for middle managers and another for senior managers. The focus of the program was an exposure to behaviours, skills and practices that enable them to be more effective leaders. Senior managers also underwent coaching sessions in smaller groups.

5-day Leadership program for first-time managers: For 2 batches of 30, we developed a 5-day program for Amara Raja for their first-time managers who had handled teams of technicians and workmen. In order to help the executives transform into managers they were equipped with skills to lead themselves, lead other and a business acumen (ie Finance, Marketing, Operations and Strategy). The program was offered in two modules with the first on the Great Lakes campus and the second at the Amara Raja facility in Tirupati.

Chola MS

4 day Leadership effectiveness workshop: We customized and delivered a 4-day leadership effectiveness workshop for a total of 71 people (mid-level managers - Branch managers, regional sales executives with MBA) split into two batches. The topics covered were Strategic Thinking, Transcending functional boundaries, Communicating shared vision, Managing and Driving Change through Innovation, Process & People, Coaching & mentoring juniors mindset.

4-day Senior Leadership workshop: We customized and delivered a 4-day leadership workshop in two modules, for a group of 19 senior leaders, which included Functional Directors, Plant Directors and General Managers (with 18-27 years work experience) from plants in India and South Asia. Topics covered included strategic thinking, leadership & influence, innovation and financial acumen. The program was envisioned based on the feeling that the current growth of the auto-component industry can change and it is important for the leadership to be prepared in this VUCA environment.

Hanon Systems

3-day workshop on Business Acumen: Exeltis is a healthcare JV between Chemo (Spanish MNC) and Ordain, an Indian pharmaceutical formulations company. For a cohort of National Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and P&L heads, we offered a 3-day program in workshop mode on Finance, Marketing and Strategy.

2-day strategy workshop: The objectives of this strategy workshop are to accelerate growth; bring forward the 2020 target to 2018 and plan an execution strategy; equip the team with Strategy concepts, tools for analysis, recent techniques like Blue Ocean Strategy; facilitate the development of a strategy map to achieve targets relating to finance, markets and operations.


15-day program for Regional Business Managers: This program was customised to help the cohort think about their regions from a P&L perspective by leveraging four elements: (1) Macro perspective & economic factors, (2) Contemporary functional knowledge of marketing, social media, consumer behaviour, operations and analytics, (3) Business planning with strong financial acumen and (4) Skills to motivate, manage and influence teams, peers & Business Partners.

10-day program for Branch Managers: This program was customised to achieve the twin objectives of (a) Managerial capabilities that are immediately applicable & (b) Building perspective for roles that are two levels higher. The foundation of managerial capabilities is based on self-esteem and assertiveness, and includes skills of team management, delegation, negotiation and sales management. Perspective building begins with an appreciation of the macro environment, the organization strategy, how it is executed based on a contemporary understanding of customers.


2-year Post Graduate Executive Program In Finance and Management: State Street HCL Services (SSHS) has partnered with Great Lakes to do design and deliver this two-year program for 25 of their employees who are analysts, senior analysts, specialists, team leads and assistant managers (i.e. knowledge workers). The program has 4 terms in total with two terms every year, with focus on high-level financial concepts. (This program happens every alternate Saturday at client location, and is currently in its fourth batch. In addition to helping the executives understand how their work impacts the big picture, it also help the company enhance loyalty and reduce attrition.)


  • Cornell University
  • Chicago Booth
  • Skema Business School
  • Universite De Bordeaux
  • Babson
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
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