What can we do to generate employment in India ? : Article by Dr. V P Singh

India as a developing country is filled with plethora of opportunities for potential employment generation. In India, we need to start from the grassroots level. The real reasons are rooted in an ill-designed education structure that has led to mushrooming of private tuition, teaching shops, and cheating shops. Society is keen on requiring a pass certificate to participate in the labour force and demand jobs. Eighty per cent of the graduates churned out of this system in India were found to be unemployable.


With that said, one of the major causes of unemployment is lack of relevant opportunities. The country is accused of spending too little on R&D as a ratio of its GDP. Developed nations spend about 3 percent of the GDP on R&D, India spends paltry 0.86 percent. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the US has been able to produce innovative companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, whose combined market capitalization equals India's GDP.

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