The World Cup final and our obsession with winners, At what cost ? : Article written by Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay

Years from now, people will remember the ICC 2019 World Cup Final as perhaps the greatest Cricket Final ever played. It may also find its place among the greatest final ever played, but as the heart battles with the mind, one wonders how it could have been much more—it could have been the defining moment of modern cricket.

The ICC had to follow its own rules. It had to pick a winner when it could have done much more. The ICC lost its chance to create that defining moment when we stood up, questioned our own made rules and awarded excellence without differentiating. We have once again reinforced, “no one remembers the silver medalist”…and to devise the method of picking a winner, always, even when all are equal, is an exercise we will never give up.

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