Rural entrepreneurship: How hinterland’s young enterprises could solve India’s social challenges : Article by Dr. Jones Mathew

India's social challenges are multi-faceted. In the rural sector, this becomes entwined deeply in caste and caste-related occupations though over the last seven decades there have been changes. Entrepreneurship is the marshalling of resources to build something innovative – incremental or paradigm-shifting. In rural India, entrepreneurship is usually tougher due to the lack of a supportive ecosystem of resources and mindsets. People are chained down due to both financial weakness as well as restrictive thought processes. Established social power systems do not allow for deviations – even positive ones. For example, the repercussions are heavy for a family of manual scavengers or tannery workers if they try to encourage their children to aspire for something better by studying or working in other occupations or starting entrepreneurial ventures.

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