Are We All Going Over The Top? : Article by Professor Anirban Chaudhuri

Technology and its continuous evolution is most palpable in our infotainagement (information and entertainment for engaging ourselves) behaviours. And media explores every opportunity to mirror this societal shift. Internet increasingly assuming faster speed, stronger bandwidth and wider coverage, services that ride on the net are closely monitored by commentators. But India is never short of springing up surprising twists and turns as compared to many developed markets. If it was the market that allowed shortest stay for pagers, it is also the market where both smart feature as well as smart phones have high hopes for coming few years. The curiosity around understanding the Indian consumers play with technology thus is very exciting. Recently, the mainstream media has abuzz with revelations that 65% of video consumption in India comes from rural which has only about 40% Internet connectivity. Many have been earmarking this report as the pace up point for on-demand video and over-the-top (OTT) over linear television. It is beyond doubt that digital growth in India is hinged around Voice, Vernacular and Video Content. So the surge in video consumption over smaller screens match up to that narrative. Interestingly this noise is partial truth. We might not still be at the end game for linear television in India.

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