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Dr. Jones Mathew

Dr. Jones Mathew
Great Lakes Institute of Management
Area: Marketing


Dr. Mathew is a PhD from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), MBA – Marketing from BIT-Mesra, Ranchi, BA Economics from Lucknow University and brings with him 18 years of industry experience followed by 7 years of B-School academic experience.

Teaching Areas: Consumer Behaviour, Product and Brand Management, Marketing Management, Services Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management, Selling and Negotiation Skills, Digital Marketing

Research Areas: Consumer Behaviour – Need for Uniqueness, Market Mavenism, Innovation Adoption and Brand Advocacy, Tourism Marketing, Services Marketing, Digital Marketing


  • Mathew, J., and Dasgupta, P. Conceptual construct of the Relationship Between Antecedents and Consequences of Need for Uniqueness (NFU) and its Impact on Adolescents’ Consumer Decision Making Process, Journal of Marketing and Communication, Vol. 10, Issue 1, (2014) ISSN No. 0973-2330
  • Mathew, J., and Dasgupta, P. An Exploratory Study on the Need for Uniqueness among Indian Adolescents, International Journal of Research in Economics & Social Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 8 (August 2014) ISSN No. 2249-7382
  • Mathew, J., Dey, B and Singh, A., “A Typology of Service Organizations as a Function of Customer Participation, Intangibility and User Type”, Journal of Services Research, Volume 16, Issue 1 (April - September 2016) ISSN No. 0972-4702.

Case Studies:

  • Mathew, J., Dey, B and Puri, S (2017). “The Renault Kwid: Disrupting India’s Hatchback Market”. Ivey Publishing Product Number 9B17A023
  • Mathew, J. and Dey, Banasree, (2016). “The Vanca: Reworking Digital Marketing Strategy”, Winner of Marketing Category, ISB-Ivey Global Case Competition, 2016.
  • Mathew, J and Dey, Banasree, (2017). “The Vanca: Reworking Digital Marketing Strategy”, 2016. Ivey Publishing Product Number 9B17A011
  • Mathew, J and Dasgupta, P. (2015). “The Vanca: Dilemmas of an E-Commerce Entrepreneurial Startup”. Ivey Publishing, Product Number 9B15M035.
  • Jones Mathew and Rakhi Singh, “S.A.I.L. - Distribution Strategy for Non-Urban Markets: A Case Study; Management and Change, Volume 18, Number 2, 2014. ISSN No. 0972-2149
  • Dasgupta, P and Mathew, J, (2012), “Social Media Marketing at Reebok India – The Dilemma of ROMI and Beyond”, Case published with ECCH – Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies, October 2012. Full Text Downloaded 680 times (Dec 2014)

Conference Proceedings

  • Banasree Dey and Jones Mathew (2017), “Marketing Implications of Consumer Attitudes towards Food Additives and Behavioural Intentions for Bakery Products”, presented at the International Conference in Marketing Jan 2017, IIM Lucknow (NOIDA Campus).
  • Jones Mathew (2016), ‘“Endless Aisle”: The Future of Fusion of Virtual Technology and Physical Stores to Raise Customer Engagement”’, 1st International Conference on Digital Marketing: Innovative Brand Building through Digital Marketing, International Management Institute, New Delhi, January 2016.
  • R.M. Joshi and Jones Mathew (2016), “An Exploratory Research into the Antecedents of the Need for Uniqueness Motivation among Adolescents in India”, Joshi, R.M., and Mathew, J, 2016. International Management Conference, FIIB, New Delhi.
  • Banasree Dey and Jones Mathew, (2016), “The Impact of Destination Competitiveness and Destination Attractiveness on Tourists’ Accommodation Choice: A Study of Rural Homestays in Uttarakhand” presented at the Great Lakes Institute of Management-North America Society for Marketing Education in India conference, Chennai, Dec 2016.
  • Pinaki Dasgupta and Jones Mathew (2012), “Market Mavenism and Consumer Need for Uniqueness: Marketing implications for Brand Advocacy and Innovation Adoption”, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow International Marketing Conference, 2012
  • Pinaki Dasgupta and Jones Mathew (2012), “Market Mavenism and Consumer Need for Uniqueness: Marketing implications for Brand Advocacy and Innovation Adoption in A Socially Networked World”, Great Lakes NASMEI Conference December 2012.

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