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Dr. Bala V Balachandran

Dr. Bala V Balachandran
Founder, Dean and Professor,
Great Lakes Institute of Management
Area: Finance & Accounting


Bala Balachandran began his teaching career in 1960 while a graduate student at Annamalai University, India. In 1967 he moved to the University of Dayton and   in   1971, to   Carnegie-Mellon   University, Pittsburgh, where he taught Management courses while working on his doctorate. In 1973 he joined the Kellogg Graduate School of Management faculty. From 1979 to 1983 he chaired the Department of Accounting  and  Information   Systems;  in 1984 he  was appointed Distinguished  Professor of Accounting  and  Information  Systems  and Decision  Sciences. He was also Director of the Accounting Research Center until 2006.

Professor Balachandran\'s teaching interests include Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Management Information Systems, and Mathematical   Programming.  He is one of the three Kellogg faculty members who started the Information Resource Management Program (IRM) at Northwestern University in 1974. He has authored more than 85 research articles and is currently writing a Managerial Accounting textbook with emphasis on Cost Management in an Automated Manufacturing Environment. His other book in progress is on ‘Leadership’ focusing on the Indian Corporate Maharajahs.

He has the rare honor (for an Indian in America) of having an endowed chair professorship in his name.  Several colleagues from Kellogg, including Donald P. Jacobs (Kellogg Dean Emeritus), Roger Nelson (retired Deputy Chairman for Ernst & Young), and Harry Kraemer Jr. (former Chairman and CEO of Baxter), have led a campaign to raise $1 million for an endowed professorship at the Kellogg School of Management in Prof. Bala V. Balachandran’s name in recognition of his invaluable and tireless service to the institute over the last three decades.

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