Welcome to a holistic competency building centre with a 360 degree education system to develop you as a complete professional

Chairman Emeritus' Message

Welcome to Great Lakes, Gurgaon!

Great Lakes Gurgaon has been set up with a vision to be the leading academic and research institute in Asia for developing leadership talent and innovative solutions for the Energy sector. It is an endeavor to develop world class human resources and knowledge capital to support the rapidly growing energy sector in India and the dynamically evolving energy landscape globally.

India today is investing heavily to build core infrastructure in energy, transportation and communications to support the economic growth of the country. The growth of the sector provides opportunities for young professionals to participate at an exciting phase of transition and growth as Change Masters and to take on top leadership positions in the foreseeable future. Great Lakes Gurgaon's innovative and industry-backed Post-Graduate Management Programs focus on developing strong business management skills and leadership qualities coupled with an opportunity to gain specific domain knowledge in the key energy areas and emerging renewable energy and sustainable development arena.

Great Lakes is not just another School of Business, but is a holistic competency building centre which will take you through a 360-Degree education system to develop you as a complete professional and a complete personality. As a graduate of this Institute, one will approach real world problems from a holistic perspective and emerge as a future leader driving change.

Our faculty, with their exceptional credentials and deep insights into the Industry, ensure an up-to-date and relevant learning experience in intellectual sphere, interfaced with emotional intelligence and social & spiritual consciousness, 3-orbits of learning as we call it. Our numerous corporate partnerships with leading firms that are offering their strong support bear testimony to the relevance of the programs, the quality of the Institute and the demand for future leadership paradigms. It is our honour that we have been considered by the industry as the country's leading energy management school and our constant endeavor is to be at the forefront of research, knowledge and talent building for India's growing energy sector.

I thank you for associating with Great Lakes, Gurgaon.

Dr. B.S.K. Naidu

Chairman Emeritus– Great Lakes Gurgaon
Ph.D, D. Engg. (USA), M.Tech., B. E. (Hons), FNAE, Hon.D.WRE (USA)

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