Business Analytics Conference

24 December, 2013
Connect Face 2 Face with the Associate Dean, Faculty and Alumni of Great Lakes
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Business Analytics has come to stay as a growth driver for many new generation organizations. Gone are those days when managers will make decisions on the basis of their own guts or by extrapolating macro-economic indicators and their likely impact on individual businesses. Decisions made in the absence of information and data have proven to be disastrous for many organizations. With the advent of information technology and geometric rise in the information processing capability of computers, managers are using multiple criteria, algorithms and structured programs to envision future of business and improve profitability of the enterprise.

Higher is the accuracy level in decision making, lower is the risk involved in business. This proposition leads to an idea that business analytics concepts and tools can be used for enhancing customer intimacy and organizational profitability. Application of descriptive and predictive analytics, customer relationship management tools and other process enhancement tools not only brings success but also increases the profitability of the organization. The whole business world is looking at big data as an opportunity and source of competitive advantage. This conference is planned on the theme of linking business analytics with customer profitability. This conference will help in bringing cutting edge research and methodology to give a direction towards profit centric decision making in organizations.

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