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Kotler-Srinivasan Center for Excellence in Marketing

The Kotler-Srinivasan Center for Excellence in Marketing was created to bridge the academia-industry gap in marketing intelligence, analytics and insight-led solutions. The aims of the center include academic research and industry-led consulting innovations in keeping with the needs of marketing managers across the country.

The institute, during the visit of the marketing legend, Dr. Philip Kotler, announced that it has identified its core competence in the area of Marketing and that it aims to become a school reputed for marketing excellence. With this, Great Lakes is following the footsteps of premier US B-Schools, which are known to have focus in one area.

The Kotler-Srinivasan Center for Excellence in marketing receives direct support from both legendary professors Dr. Philip Kotler and Dr. Seenu V. Srinivasan, the Adams Distinguished Professor (Emeritus in Service) of Marketing Research of Stanford University. In addition to that, Dr. Paul Prabhaker, Associate Dean, College of Business, Northern Illinois University, Illinois, USA, has keen involvement in the operations of the center.

Kotler-Srinivasan Center for Excellence in Marketing conducts conferences, seminars, workshops, publishes case studies, monographs and research reports in the area of Marketing. The center conducts the annual marketing conference with NASMEI (North American Society for Marketing Education in India) every year in December where Marketing academicians across the globe present their latest research in the area of Marketing. The center also conducts an international Conference on Business Analytics as an annual event, where both academicians and industry practitioners come together to present their research papers in the area of analytics and business intelligence.

Great Lakes Center for Management Research

The Great Lakes Center for Management Research aims to promote, facilitate and advance India-centric management related research, which contributes to the development of basic and applied knowledge in the field of management. It has been publishing a half-yearly refereed journal "Great Lakes Herald" since 2007.

It has also been organizing an annual international research conference since 2006, in which several research papers have been presented on various areas of business and management including finance, human resources, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, and strategy.

Union Bank Great Lakes Center for Banking Excellence

Union Bank Great Lakes Center for Banking Excellence (UBCFE) has been established at Great Lakes Institute of Management with generous contribution and unstinting support from Union Bank, to conduct research and training programs and undertake initiatives in the field of Banking and Financial Services.

The center consists of a panel of eminent leaders from the banking sector and from the academia. The advisory council consists of Dr. Y. V. Reddy (Former Governor, Reserve Bank of India), Mr. M. V. Nair, CMD, Union Bank of India, Dr. Bala. V. Balachandran, Founder-Dean of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Dr. Shyam Sunder (Yale University), Dr. Marti Subramaniam (NYU) and Dr. Raghuram Rajan (Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India).

Center for Excellence in Technopreneurship

Center for Excellence in Technopreneurship (CET) was established at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai in 2010. With a firm focus on knowledge intensive entrepreneurial ventures across high-technology, low-technology and service sectors, it aims to create a future that is more conducive to eliciting excitement and fresh thinking pivoted around entrepreneurship, technology and innovation that spurs accelerated growth in key clusters of industries in Tamil Nadu, working in tandem with Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). This center has a Director and a Governing Council that guides and steers its plans and actions.

Center for Excellence in Retail Management

Guided by Dr. Bala V. Balachandran, Great Lakes, in its quest to become a leading hub for world-class research, teaching and industry engagement and to provide thought leadership for retail industry in India and beyond, has created the Center for Excellence in Retail Management, led by some of the foremost retail academicians and practitioners from Asia, Europe and USA.

The objective of the center for excellence is to provide best world class practices and to facilitate research, exchange of ideas, solutions to industry problems and offer guidance to leaders and managers as well as key policy makers. The aim of the center is to help organizations' leaders and managers as well as policy makers to identify, understand, assess, and leverage the changing dynamics of Indian retailing and consumers to their advantage. It will help organizations to have a management team, which is prepared and knowledgeable to not only lead the change but also be able to create and leverage business/commercial opportunities both nationally and internationally.

The centre will also have a top-tier advisory council comprising of leading retailers, academics, consultants, and thought leaders from India and beyond. The aim is to widen and deepen connect with the industry leaders in identification of research priorities through collaborative process, incorporating input from both the advisory council members and the core faculty.

Centre for Sports Management & Analytics

Analytics and evaluative technologies are transforming organizations and their income streams across every sector of the sports industry. Great Lakes’ Sports Management & Analytics Centre will equip our students to become a strategic manager with the skills needed to measure the impact that emerging technologies are having on sports organizations and society, which are becoming more important during and after a pandemic. In addition to meeting the urgent need for managers who understand analytics and technology, this centre gives our students a broad range of professional knowledge, as well as industry expertise. The students will graduate prepared to pursue professional sports opportunities in areas such as performance data analytics, social media, interactive spectatorship, mobile technology, fantasy sports, e-sports gaming and virtual reality. With communities staying at home and prompting the surge of e-sports gaming, Great Lakes is committed to continuing to help and prepare our students to meet their career goals and support the education of Managers for the future increase of outdoor and communal activity across the nation and the world.


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