Triple entry accounting & Block Chain - Are they vaccines for financial scams? Dr T. N. Swaminathan

  • Apr 22, 2018

In 1986 Yuji Ijiri created something incredible, the Triple-entry accounting! However, when Professor Ijiri died in 2017, most people didn’t catch his obituary.

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Technology In Marketing Communication – Is It RIP For Traditional Media? | Dr. T. N. Swaminathan

  • Apr 14, 2018

It was in 1440s that the printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg. However, it took nearly 300 years for the first print publication to appear and one more century to leverage this technology as a source revenue through advertising.

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Facebook's data harvesting model: why is company not paying its data suppliers? Dr Sridhar Samu

  • Mar 26, 2018 |

Facebook was founded in 2004 as a business enterprise operating in the social media sector. The company disrupted the traditional media markets– print and digital- and took advertising business and market share away from them.

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Sales : Plunging into online mode for Shopping | Dr Sridhar Samu

  • Mar 25, 2018 |

Every year the war of sales begins in multiple phases, covering the year-end, holiday period, and most importantly – festival seasons, that increases alarmingly when the ecommerce giants announce three day or five days sales on their platform.

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How Bala swam across oceans to create Great Lakes | Exclusive interview with Dr Bala V Balachandran

  • Mar 23, 2018

It was a few minutes after he was declared dead in 2002 that a new idea came alive in Bala V Balachandran’s mind.

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Things to know while lending to Margin traders

  • Mar 21, 2018 | Business Line on Campus

Great Laker Shiv Garg from PGPM 2018 shares the list of things to know and also the risks involved while lending in loans for margin trading. Scroll down to read in detail.

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India’s farming sector in need of real reforms | Dr Vidya Mahambare

  • Mar 17, 2018 | The National

Experts say government efforts to help struggling farmers are unlikely to be enough to turn the industry around

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