Dean's Message

Dear Friends,

You are at the cusp of a transformational change. A change that will get you ready for the future, prepared for whatever challenges that come your way. You may be thinking of becoming a business leader. You may want to become an entrepreneur. You may aspire to be the ultimate specialist in your area. No matter what your goals are, Great Lakes has an experience to offer that cannot be rivalled by any other institution.

You see, Great Lakes is not just an institution that teaches you a whole bunch of concepts and frameworks in the classroom, some of which are irrelevant or redundant. For that, you have many other options. What we have to offer is a uniquely curated experience that blends academic rigor with industry relevance, delivered in an amazing experiential learning format. We have extremely talented faculty, several of whom are leading scholars in the global arena, with experience in teaching at institutions such as Stanford, Kellogg, Yale, and Chicago Booth. We develop our course curricula in consultation with industry, ensuring that whatever is being taught is not outdated, but rather completely in sync with industry needs. We use a variety of experiential formats including simulations, live projects, empirical studies, and live trading to stimulate problem-solving and integrative thinking skills. Most importantly, we are agile and willing to adapt our curriculum to market needs faster than any other business school. This is why we were the pioneers in business analytics in India, launching a specialization in this area more than five years ago, which has now transformed into the top-ranked program in India, providing our students the opportunity to learn artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithmic analytics, and blockchain, all with a business focus and curated with the help of leading industry experts.

Great Lakes is not just about what you can learn. It is also about what you can feel and do. We have an amazing campus, spread over 27.5 acres, with lush greenery and complete peace and quiet, that makes you feel you are living in another world compared to the hustle and bustle of most cities. The campus is platinum-rated and completely eco-friendly, while being equipped with all the amenities that you may be looking for. It is impossible to describe the feeling you will have when you are here. Suffice it to say, home will never feel distant. You will have plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, such as cultural fests, sporting events, or TEDx talks. You will also get to hear from management gurus and eminent industry leaders. Above all, you will get to participate in a life-changing experience, called Karma Yoga, where you will interact closely with rural and backward populations around the campus, providing them education, health and financial awareness, sustainability and environmental advice, etc. Our current and former students count this experience to be one of the most rewarding and transformational parts of their overall time at Great Lakes.

There are plenty of business schools in this country. Many view you as a statistic. We view you as a resource. We develop you to your fullest potential, ready for the world of tomorrow. Come experience the magic of Great Lakes, and know why we are not just another business school.

Dr. Suresh Ramanathan
Dean and Principal of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai


  • Cornell University
  • Chicago Booth
  • Skema Business School
  • Universite Bordeaux
  • Babson
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
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