Anuradha M V

Assistant Professor
Great Lakes Institute of Management

Area: OB & HRM

Prof. Anuradha holds a Fellow in Management degree in Organizational Behavior from XLRI and Masters and Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Delhi. Her areas of research interest include: Meaning of work; Development of workplace identity and self-concept; Employee well-being and occupational mental health; Qualitative research methods and Existential /Humanistic and Psychoanalytic schools of thought. She has experience in teaching Psychology and hasalso provided academic guidance to students in carrying out psychological research.


  • Anuradha, M. V. & Kumar, Y. L. N. (2015). Trigunas in organizations: Moving towards an east-west synthesis.International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 15 (2): 195-214.
  • Anuradha, M.V., Srinivas, E. S., Singhal, M. &Ramnarayan, S. (2014). To work or not to work: Construction of meaning of work and making work choices. Vikalpa, 39 (2): 7-19.
  • Anuradha, M. V. (2011) Unionism as collective action: Revisiting Klandermans’ theory. The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 46(3): 412-422.
  • Vernal, T. G. & Anuradha, M. V. (2011). Mirroring identities: Reflecting realities- Mumbai and its politics of representation.In Home in Motion: The shifting grammar of self and stranger. Marcelino, P. F. (Ed).Interdisciplinary Press, Oxford: UK.
  • The paper was originally presented at the Second Global Conference on Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners, Oxford, UK. September 20-22, 2010.


  • Ramnarayan, S. & Anuradha, M. V. (2014).Labour disputes at Dr. Reddy’s: Tip of the iceberg in a globalization effort. Published by Centre for Teaching, Learning and Case Development at the Indian School of Business and distributed by Harvard Business School Press (ISB039).



  • IIT Stuart School of Business
  • Babson
  • Bauer
  • Universite De Bordeaux
  • Hkust
  • UMKC
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