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What is PGPM?

PGPM refers to the Great Lakes' full-time one-year fast-track residential Post Graduate Program in Management for candidates with atleast 24 months of full time work experience.

Who should pursue the 1 year PGPM?

The 1 year PGPM is designed for professionals with a minimum of 2 years full time experience and looking to gain general management competencies for accelerating their career growth. It leverages the fact that the candidates already have certain expertise, maturity level and exposure to professional work environments. It is quite attractive for professionals who do not want to take a 2 year break from work for various personal and professional reasons.

What are the specializations being offered in the PGPM (Chennai)? When are students required to choose them?

Specializations are offered in the following 5 areas and students can opt for a Major and Minor specialization from the same.

Operations & IT
OB and Strategy
Business Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

The first 3 terms have the same core courses for all students and the specialization electives start from the 4th term. Students are required to choose their specialization area before the end of the 3rd term. Please refer to our Program Information page for more information. Know More

Why is the duration of your course for one academic year only?

The one year format is very common in Europe and other parts of the world. One-year programs are more rigorous than two year programs. In terms of the number of classroom hours, there won't be a significant difference between a two year course and a one year course. Generally, there are no holidays between terms. Working executives would rather be away from work just for a year instead of 2 years. Also the one-year program enables students to start working a year earlier.

How does the 1 year PGPM’s ROI compare with a 2 year program?

1 year PGPM is more suited for aspirants with quality pre-MBA work experience. A 1 year program lets you get back to work within a year and in the second year you work, earn and gain valuable post-MBA experience.

As a very simplistic example, we can consider the case of a candidate with expected post-MBA salary of INR 12 lakhs and fees of INR 16 lakhs. The total adjusted outgo of the 1 year MBA candidate (at the end of the second year) is 16-12= 4 lakhs while that of the 2 year candidate (again at the end of the second year) is 16 lakhs (Ignoring smaller variables like summer internship stipend, increment at the end of the second year for the 1 year candidate, taxes, etc.). So when the end result may be similar, a one year program typically has significantly higher ROI due to the lower total opportunity cost. Apart from purely financial benefits, saving valuable time is a very important benefit of the 1 year program. Further, one is likely to find a more experienced and mature peer group in a 1 year program.

How challenging is the one year MBA program at Great Lakes? I have been away from academics for a few years and would I be able to cope up?

Given that the duration of the program is compressed in one year, the PGPM is demanding and intense with limited off days and no significant breaks through the year. Having said this, the program is specifically designed for professionals leveraging their experience and one can cope up with the rigor of PGPM with some discipline and hard work. In fact, many Alumni have stated that the need to manage classes, projects, assignments, work-outs, sports and other personal recreation activities have helped them master the skill of time management and prioritization.

Is the course officially recognized by AICTE?

Yes. The course is approved by AICTE.

As per AICTE norms, the 1 year program PGPM is classified as Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM)

How will the MOUs with various other institutes help Great Lakes?

MOUs with various other institutes are mainly for sharing resources, which helps students in getting better exposure. It is a platform for both the institutes involved to formally share knowledge, for mutual benefit.

Who are the faculties teaching at Great Lakes?

Great Lakes has an excellent mix of Indian and International faculty. Our visiting professors are acclaimed academicians, researchers and experts from Industry. The list can be viewed here.

What is the fee structure for the course?

Details of the fee structure are available here.

What is the fee payment schedule?

The fee payment schedule is given along with the admission offer letter. The fee is payable over a few installments after the acceptance of the offer and before the commencement of the program. Given the short duration, one is advised to plan their financial resources in advance. Those planning on applying to loans can check about the typical requirements and keep the necessary documents ready. This would make it hassle free for the candidates once they get the offer letter.

Do you have tie up with banks for education loans?

Great Lakes has a tie-up with Bank of Baroda, HDFC CREDILA, Avanse, Axis Bank.

Can I get a sponsorship from the company where I am working?

Yes. Applicants are encouraged to get themselves sponsored by their employers.

Is it a residential course? Is hostel facility available?

Yes. We provide single or twin sharing accommodation for students. Residence on campus is compulsory.

Is married students accommodation available?

Married students accommodation is available for limited students only, and will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis for students wishing to stay with their spouse.

Does the college provide any scholarships?

While Great Lakes has some merit awards for high performing students at the end of the program, we do not offer scholarships at the time of admission. The same uniform fees applies to all students irrespective of the background. Given that all students manage to get reasonably high paying jobs at the end of the program, they can finance the cost of education through easily available loans.

Eligibility Criteria

What is the minimum work experience required in order to apply for the course?

The minimum full time work experience to apply for the course is 24 months by 31 March 2019.

I had applied for the PGPM program in the past but did not get selected. Can I re-apply?

Yes. You can re-apply provided your CAT/GMAT/XAT/CMAT score is still valid.

I have not completed my graduation yet. Can I still apply?

No. Only graduates can apply to the PGPM program.

Will part-time work experience or internship be considered?

Internship or part time work experience is not considered. Only full time work experience is considered.

I have been an entrepreneur or have worked in my family owned business - will this experience be considered?

Yes, provided the experience is full-time work experience.

Entrance Test

What is GMAT?

The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council and is a globally recognized test for admission to business schools. For more information on GMAT please visit their official website

What is CAT?

CAT is the Common Admissions Test conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management for admissions to their Post Graduate Program. For more information, please visit -

I appeared for the GMAT/ CAT/ XAT/CMAT 3 years ago. Are the scores still valid or do I need to re-take the exam?

GMAT scores taken on or after 1st Jan 2016 will be considered for admission. Candidates have to report their GMAT scores officially to the institute through GMAC in case an admission offer is made. The official score must reach Great Lakes before the candidate joins the program. Candidates applying on the basis of their CAT score must note that only the scores for CAT 2017 and CAT 2018 will be accepted. Candidates applying on the basis of their XAT score must note that only the scores for XAT 2018 and XAT 2019 will be accepted. Candidates applying on the basis of their CMAT score must note that only the scores for CMAT 2018 will be accepted.

Can I have your ETS code so that I can forward my GMAT score to you?

Our GMAT-ETS code number is V49-FX-40. You have to report your GMAT score officially to the institute through GMAC, if you are applying with GMAT score.

Are there any cutoffs? How important is a good score and what are my chances with a lower score?

Great Lakes accepts GMAT, CAT, XAT and CMAT score of the last two years (For exact details refer the website). At Great Lakes, we do not have fixed cutoffs and any minimum scores are decided on after the completion of the application process and review of the overall applicant pool. Since the applicant pool varies in number and quality every year, the cutoffs may vary as well. As a broad indicator based on the past experience, a 90+ percentile in XAT/CAT, 600+ score in GMAT would be considered suitable subject to meeting other criteria. This is however an indicative score and if we find an exceptional candidates with a relatively lower score, we may still consider the application. On the other hand we may reject a candidate with a high aptitude test score but with a poor track record in other areas. So while the test scores are important, we emphasize more on selecting well-rounded candidates with a strong overall track record.

Are there sectional cut offs for CAT/GMAT/XAT/CMAT?

We do not have sectional cut offs for CAT/GMAT/XAT/CMAT

What are the minimum CAT/ GMAT/XAT/CMAT score required in order to apply for the course?

There is no minimum score to apply. We consider the complete profile including academic performance and relevant work experience.

Can I apply with a Test Centre/Unofficial GMAT/ CAT/ XAT/ CMAT Score Report?

Yes, you can. However, the official score report should be produced to Great Lakes during the interview sessions.

Can the GMAT/ CAT/ XAT/CMAT requirement be waived under exceptional circumstances?

No. The CAT/GMAT/XAT/CMAT score cannot be waived under any circumstances.

Does Great Lakes require a test to prove proficiency in English?

A TOEFL/IELTS score is required only for non-Indian students who did not have ENGLISH as the primary language of instruction during their undergraduate studies.

Admission Procedure

What are the key selection criteria for Great Lakes’ PGPM?

The PGPM caters to professionals with professional experience (min. 24 months) and we try to evaluate candidates in a holistic manner and not just rely on aptitude test or academic scores that many schools emphasize on especially for fresh graduates. The aptitude test scores are important at the interview shortlisting stage but have limited weightage as far as the final selection is concerned. We seek to evaluate the quality of work experience, professional and personal achievements, demonstrated leadership and team skills, aptitude and attitude. We also seek candidates who can add value to the class in terms of peer learning and diversity.

In terms of the process, we have eliminated the Group Discussion component since we felt that it was adding incrementally limited value to the whole selection process. Instead our panelists devote the extra time for a deeper assessment during the personal interview. As part of the Interview process, we also have the analytical writing test which does help in evaluating both the written communication skills and the thought process of the candidates.

Can I apply online?

Yes. You can apply online by making a payment through any Credit/Debit card. Alternatively you can purchase the key (required to unlock the online application) from IMS centers, Great Lakes City office and the Campus.

How do I submit the recommendation letter?

Applicants have to provide the details/official e-mail IDs of the recommenders while filling the application form. The recommendation letters will be collected from the final selected candidates’ recommenders in an online format at a later date.

Can students from other streams apply (apart from Engineering / Science / Commerce background?)

Students from other streams can also apply for the course. The candidate should hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized university (Minimum of 15 years of study).

Does the entire application need to be completed within one session?

No. You can complete the online application in multiple sessions .The changes will have to be saved every time the application is updated.

Do I also need to submit a printed copy of the application form once I have submitted it online?

No it is not required.

Which cycle should I apply in? Is there any difference in applying in Cycle 1 or Cycle 2?

Great Lakes PGPM application is a two-step process consisting of Registration and Submission. While you can start your application anytime you need to submit it before the relevant applicable deadline (30th Nov. 2018 for Cycle 1 and 31st Jan. 2019 for Cycle 2) to be considered in the specific cycle.

Cycles are distinguished based on the scores with which one is applying. One needs to submit the application in Cycle 1 if s/he has last year’s scores i.e. CAT 2017, XAT 2018, CMAT 2018 and GMAT taken after 1 Jan. 2016. Applicants who have CAT 2018, XAT 2019 and GMAT (taken after 1 Dec. 2018) scores need to submit the application in Cycle 2.

In terms of the selection process there is no preference given to applicants in any cycle and there is similar probability of getting selected. However, applicants submitting in Cycle 1 get some extra time to plan their finances, personal commitments and exit from companies better as they get an admit offer by end of December.

I applied in Cycle 1 but did not get selected/shortlisted, can I reapply in Cycle 2?

You can reapply in Cycle 2 if you have a new and improved score.

Which test scores will be considered for admission to PGPM 2019-2020?

We consider CAT 2017/2018, XAT 2018/2019, CMAT 2018 and GMAT Scores taken after Jan 1st, 2016.

Which score will you consider for the admissions process?

It is at your discretion - However, if more than one score is reported, we will consider your best score for the admissions process.

Will Great Lakes conduct its own admission test this year?


When will the interviews and final admissions take place?

Details of the interviews and final admissions are available at "Key Dates" page.

What are the centers for PI?

Details of the PI are available at "Key Dates" page. The venue in each center will be intimated to you through e-mail.

When will the result for PI be announced?

For first Cycle, end of Dec 2018, For second Cycle, end of Feb 2019.

Course Commencement, Refund policy and post admissions queries

Can the payment deadlines be extended?

NO. Our waiting list movement will be severely impaired if we give individual flexibility to students, irrespective of the genuineness of their demand. Please ensure to stick to the payment deadlines. Please keep a scanned copy of your demand draft with you (or screen shot of payment details in the case of online transactions) such that in the case of non-receipt due to postal delays or for any other reasons beyond your control, you have the back up document supporting you.

As the bank loan sanction is getting delayed and my loan amount includes the installment amount also, can I pay once the loan is sanctioned?

You have to pay the installment amounts by the due dates. On receipt of the bank loan, the excess amount paid will be refunded. Please approach M/s Bank of Baroda, HDFC Credila, Avanse, Axis Bank for your Loan. They offer an immediate sanction.

What is the refund policy?

Our refund policy is as per AICTE norms.

Deferred Admissions

Great Lakes does not have a policy of deferred admissions. If, for some reason, you are not able to make it this year, then you have to go through the process of applying and qualifying next year. If you are called for PI for the next year, then an e-mail mentioning that you were an admit in the previous year will fetch some brownie points.


Do you have any quotas for NRI'S/SC/ST/BC?

No. We do not. Great Lakes encourages applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds.

Will Indian and foreign applicants be evaluated on the same basis?



Do you offer placement help to all your students?

Great Lakes has an excellent placement record and placements have been 100% since inception. However, we do not guarantee a job at the end of the program.

What was the average salary offered to a Great Lakes student last year?

Details of the average salary offered to a Great Lakes student last year are available here

If I am taking a sabbatical/ study leave from the company, will I be getting a chance to sit for campus placements?

As per the current placement policy, students on Sabbatical can apply to all companies which are NOT in the same industry as the company from which they have a sabbatical. Eg: If you are on sabbatical from TCS, you cannot apply for any other IT company but are eligible to apply for companies in other industries like Consulting, E-Commerce, etc. This policy respects the trust of the companies offering sabbaticals as well as ensures that students wanting a career shift can do so. Further students always have the option of not taking sabbatical if they do not want to have any constraints.


From whom should I get recommendations?

Recommenders should ideally be superiors in your organization(s) or professionals you have worked with or persons of high standing in society who would be able to provide an objective feedback about your professional achievements. We prefer professional recommendations because they are more relevant in terms of judging your professional capabilities. However, we also accept academic recommendations if it is from very senior faculty from your college.

Does the academic recommendation have to be by the head of department/Dean?

No. The recommendation can be by any professor who has taught or guided you in your graduate program.

Is it mandatory to provide the official email-address of my recommenders?

Yes. The admission form will not accept public domain email addresses such as gmail, yahoo etc.

How will the recommenders be contacted for reference?

The recommenders will be emailed a username and password that they can use to login to our website in order to complete the recommendation process.

Can I give the email address of my previous employer for recommendation?


Can I give the email address of my earlier supervisor who has left the company and joined elsewhere?


Campus and Facilities

Is there a ATM facility available near the campus?

There is an Indian Bank ATM within the campus. There are a few ATMs in Anupuram (2 kms) and Mahabalipuram (9 kms).

Is medical care available in campus?

A doctor from Chettinad Hospitals visits regularly. The college provides transportation facilities to Chettinad Hospitals in case of an emergency.

Is there any utility store available in campus?

There is a full-fledged general store inside the campus, where you can get all the daily necessities.

Is there a facility to wash my clothes?

There are washing machines available in every bathroom. Optionally, an external laundry person who washes and irons clothes at a nominal charge.

Where is the campus located?

The campus is located on the East Coast Road, 9 kms from Mahabalipuram en route to Pondicherry.

How to reach the campus?

From Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (Koyambedu) / Thiruvanmiyur / Guindy:
1. Board Route Number 118 which runs to Kalpakkam and get down at Kunnathur Bus Stop. The bus stop is 200 meters from the campus. Frequency: Every 30 minutes.
2. Board any bus which runs to Pondicherry via ECR and get down at Mahabalipuram. Hire an autorickshaw to Kunnathur.
From Chennai Central Railway Station: Board any Route Number 1 series, Get down at Thiruvanmiyur. From there follow the above directions.
From Chennai Airport:
Board any Route Number 70 series, Get down at Guindy. From there follow the above directions.
P.S: Call Taxi's are available at any part of the city which charge approximately Rs 1000/- to the campus. The numbers of some of the Call Taxi's are as follows.
Fast Track: 044 - 27432255\044 - 27432255
Bharathi: 044 - 28142233\044 - 28142233

Campus Visits

I am interested in a Campus tour. How and when can I visit the campus?

You can visit the campus any weekend during the admission period. To register, please mail

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