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Teachers need to stop saying, ‘Hand it in’ and start saying ‘Publish It’. - Alan November, Educator & Author of Empowering Students with Technology

Business is moving from a man to man interaction world to a man to machine interaction world. Our machines are taught to replicate and if possible improve human interpretative skills. Associations and causations are getting identified by machines in the emerging world of unsupervised learning. When Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is redefining the business landscape, can the Business Schools be far behind? It is in this context that the Alan November quote mentioned above starts making sense. Schools at the teaching learning level ought to blend technology-driven learning into the curriculum such that the students seamlessly integrate various facets of modern technology into their everyday learning. Great Lakes Institute of Management is a pioneering B-School in this regard and its achievements speak for itself.

  • First Business School to offer Business Analytics as a full-fledged major along with traditional majors like Marketing, Operations and Finance (since 2013-14)
  • Top ranking School in Business Analytics offering for the last two years in a row
  • First B-School to offer AIMLA [combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning] as a major (since 2018-19)
  • A pioneering B-School that combines Business, Analytics and Technology in equal measure in the teaching learning process across all streams

As the school’s Admissions Director it is my duty to keep the new generation of aspirants updated on what all is new in the school’s academic menu. At the same time, you may rest assured that the traditional menu is still intact! Multi-level interactive learning, cross-pollination of ideations, wide networking possibilities, rich academic and industry mentoring, experiential learning through events like paisa vasool, intense case study driven pedagogy – all these integrate with an excellent technology, analytics and machine learning environment to make you rigorous and relevant for many years to come.

Welcome to Great Lakes Institute of Management. You have made no mistake.


Prof. Easwar Krishna Iyer
Admissions Director


  • Cornell University
  • Chicago Booth
  • Skema Business School
  • Universite De Bordeaux
  • Babson
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
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