Chairman's Message

Dear MBA aspirant,

Greetings. Choices are never easy. Every time one has to make a buying decision, there are options to consider, research to be done, assessments, evaluations and reviews to read and a significant amount of time and effort expended in understanding what we 'need' from the product to identifying that specific product that gives us the best 'value' for money. Imagine therefore the exponential difficulty in making the decision to spend one year of your time, away from your job and family in order to up-skill, reskill and learn? You cannot afford to make mistakes given all that is at stake here. Therefore, in an effort to make this decision a tiny bit easier for you, we have put together an elaborate account of what Great Lakes is all about. In the following pages, you will find ample information about what makes us unique and in what ways your time spent with us is certain to benefit you.

To give you a gist – you are looking to enroll into a premier B-School, ranked among the best in the country, with a great campus and excellent infrastructure, cutting-edge academic rigor, world-class faculty, course offerings with prestigious accreditations and affiliations etc. All of these are par for the course. So, what sets Great Lakes apart? What makes us distinct?

As a firm believer in the principle of customer astonishment, one of the core values of Great Lakes is to astonish our customers (a.k.a you!) who come to us seeking a specific learning experience. Our mission therefore translates into delivering an outstanding learning experience (through a state-of-the art curriculum, rounded off by a variety of extra-curricular activities) that truly transforms the student into a sophisticated manager and a responsible corporate citizen. At the core of our corporate DNA is our commitment to learning and skill development as a continuous process. We are keenly aware that the quality of the learning outcome is measured not by the effectiveness of problem solving but by how successful initiatives can lead to sustainability, stability and progress.

At Great Lakes, you will learn the art of doing business while at the same time understanding the impact of said business on the community. You will become well-versed with the best and next practices, trends and economics, IT in all its glorious manifestations, inclusivity & impact and so much more. Add to this, a heterogeneous cohort bringing a heady mix of cultural and work experience to the table, to truly invigorate your senses. This is the holistic development that Great Lakes has inculcated in the 13,000+ students who have passed through our hallowed halls. And we don't stop just there. Another element of our DNA is our spirit of 'pioneering'. From making the Karma Yoga outreach program a part of the curriculum to our initiatives in fostering innovation through the prestigious Atal Innovation Mission incubation center, Great Lakes is committed to continued progress and evolution. Another case in point is the inclusion of AIMLAB (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Algorithmic Analytics and Block Chain) as a Functional specialization. Further, you remain a student for life – long after you have graduated and physically moved out of our premises – since our teaching pedagogy includes 'blended' modules capable of reaching students and alumni across the world to keep your learning constant and relevant.

During your time with us, you will not only learn subject matter from experts of world renown, but also work along with us, leading the change and evolution of the learning process. This is the way of life as we know it. This is why we are distinct. This is also why Great Lakers are a rare breed. And, this, is most certainly why I hope you will make an informed decision and choose to join the Great Lakes Family. Swagatham!

Best wishes,

Prof. Bala V Balachandran,
J L Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting & Information Management, Northwestern University, USA
Founder, Chairman & Dean (Emeritus), Great Lakes Institute of Management, India


  • Cornell University
  • Chicago Booth
  • Skema Business School
  • Universite Bordeaux
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
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