The rising impact of carbon footprint and deterioration of air quality have been major concerns across the globe. The state and central governments have introduced various subsidies to reduce vehicle emissions. As sustainability goes mainstream, automobile companies are investing heavily in electric vehicles that are environmentally friendly. Multinational ride-sharing company Ola has recently launched its ‘e-scooter’, and this would be a welcome move. Ola has strategised the right product, the right promotion – all at the right time. Digital access, big boot space, keyless, fast charging… all go into the right product, the Ola e-scooter! Tweet by tweet, Ola has generated excitement from ground zero till launch. Why will customers buy Ola e-scooter? How it is beneficial to the environment? Two variants, 10 colours, all contributing to the right promotional vibes! Its timing is also perfect – people have become more conscious about the environment during the pandemic.

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