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A Typical Day

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Somewhere beyond the horizon, form the dark recesses of the night, a yellow martyr magically conjures up and with one gentle stroke of his invisible sword, rips the horizon apart, slips through the drawn blinds of my AC room and gently strokes my senses. I wake up; pull the blinds apart to reveal my windows overlooking the gradually ascending yellow martyr.

 Mornings at Great Lakes are particularly beautiful; the campus is surrounded by an endless chain of green fields that extend deep into the horizon. Sitting on the balcony of second floor, one could feel the cold morning breeze numbing the senses, rejuvenating and preparing us for the mad rush of energy in the day ahead.

On my way to the shower, I bump into a group of fellow Great Lakers exchanging insightful views on US current account deficit. An events committee member empties the contents of his mouth in to the plush sanitized sink and updates us on the seemingly endless events for the week- Launching of the Great Lakes magazine, 'Gravity', SWIM (successful women in management), Powertalks…

Luminaries from all over the world visit Great Lakes; the vivifying lectures by professors from around the world present us with rare insights into core subjects. Timely sermons by pioneers of Indian Civil Services like T.N Seshan spread out infectious inspiration. Together, this model of the institute makes it a focused fusion of global mindset and Indian roots. "Great Lakes" is a student driven institute. Each of us is a committee member, be it the Students' Council (to channel the student initiatives to the management), the Placement Committee (Placecom – to connect to the pantheon of Recruiters), the Events Committee (to organize events), or be it the BPR committee (Branding the college and maintaining Public Relations). There are a host of committees that one can choose to be a part of.

 In the canteen, Great Lakers engage in great many discussions, a group discussing "marketing management" over hot badam milk, another group discussing "karma yoga" over delicious idly and sambar. Some of them return from their work out sessions in the fully equipped gym to gorge on the delicacies served on the say, while others return from a morning walk bringing back with them, the wilderness of the morning glory for a mere cup of tea.

Karma yoga project focuses at bridging the gap between the modernistic appeal of the MBA course and the ground reality (or the façade of India that is dimly lit). We visit the adopted villages every week and strive to make a tangible difference in their quality of life; we support old men with spines that put twisted ropes to shame, we converse with the bereaved women of famine struck families, we sit with the destitute ten year olds at school and share with them the future of India, encouraging them to be an integral part of the Indian growth story. We celebrate the joy of farming with the dhoti clad elders of the villages.

In the lecture halls, every one of us gropes about in the sea of knowledge until we strike upon the road of rectitude. Each lecture is unique and distinguished, we are always on our toes, for the assignments and exams are truly novel in approach and exciting to work upon.

The core subjects taught at Great Lakes are presented with freshness so appealing that one implores for more. Then, there are subjects such as "intelligently interacting with others", "group processes" and "business communications". All the subjects are conscientiously structured to let us adorn the future leadership roles with fulfillment, ease and sense of responsibility. Some courses are a mere trot, others canter progressively, while some gallop so high that seated on the horse back of the lecture, we are presented the microcosm of the world dynamics.

Evenings are full of exuberance; someone from the second floor plays loud 'heavy metal' music with the windows of his room open, someone sits and plays guitar in one of the hostel blocks. In another block, students would be getting together to discuss the eye-catchers from the "Economic Times". With the canopy of thick darkness swathed over us, we all withdraw into our rooms to intensely delve into the fundamental idiosyncrasies of the lectures, so as to apply them successfully in the assignments.

Assignments and case studies apart, students are overwhelmed with the stakes of committees, and before you are even aware, you are managing time. As a part of committees, students are bestowed with the responsibility of running the college smoothly. This grants the students a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the nuances of management and leadership, and the fine line that connects the two philosophies. Great Lakes under the inspiring leadership of Professor Balachandran has sworn to tread the dark alley (that divides leadership and management) and let the Great Lakers illumine the shadowy pathway with the halo of karma yoga on their heads and torches of management in their hands.

After dinner, late in the night, as darkness gobbles up the entire campus, only few islands of light remain strewn here and there. Out of the eerie stillness of the night, a sudden uproar, screaming, mad bashing and chaos breaks open the cover of night to surface into the atmosphere of readiness. And, everybody gets together in the relentless pursuit of birthday bashing. Toss the bugger up in the air, hither and thither until he acquaints himself with the baby self and implores to let go of him.

Einstein said
"A lady left today in a space ship (that travels at the speed of light) to reach her destination yesterday".

Einstein's dream is still unfulfilled outside Great Lakes. But inside Great Lakes, we are all growing young with every passing day. The atmosphere is pervaded with excitement so vivid and inspiring that in a hypnotic trance, we all jump aboard the time capsule "Great Lakes" (fast approaching speed of light) that allows us to grow young!

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