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Student Blog

Developing Strategies with Machine Learning

Gone are the days when humans controlled their lives! Now, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics are taking over. Everywhere there has been a hype around the terms  – Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence – that are thriving the future of business. A lot are already moving towards developing new strategies to offer .... Read More

How To Read Newspapers Effectively

We saw the importance of ‘Reading Effectively’ in our previous post and, now, we bring you on ‘How to read Newspapers Effectively’ in this blog co-authored by Great Lakers Akshay Sankar and Jacob Thomas from PGPM Class of 2019. Newspaper reading is one of the most important habits for everyone, and if you are a student .... Read More

How to Read Effectively

Everyone knows that ‘Reading’ is important, and particularly, of all the important academic exercises, routine reading is one of the key drivers that leads you to success. It shouldn’t be limited to textbooks, assignments or projects, whereas, one has to develop it into an active process and make it a daily routine. As we all .... Read More

First day at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

In this blog, Student Jasmin Untawale, from Compassionate Cheras batch (PGPM 2019) shares her experience on the first day at Great Lakes and gives few tips to keep in mind for a great start on the first day at a Business School. Life is an opportunity to learn. If you grab the right opportunity at .... Read More

Life at Great Lakes: Experiences from pursuing an MBA

Great Laker Bharat S Raj from PGDM 2018 writes about his enriching life experience and learnings while pursuing the Two Year MBA Program at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Today is 24th March, my last day at Great Lakes, Chennai. It’s hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since I joined Great .... Read More

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