"We take our business seriously and our business, is to offer you a world-class education which will catapult you to the high trajectory of growth and professional progress."
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Dean's Message

Often times, we make certain big decisions in life knowing fully well that those decisions will have a resounding impact on our lives. The choice of a job, moving to a new city, finding a life partner etc. One such decision is the choice of continuing one’s education.

Today’s world of business is a turbulent one – of changes due to disruptive technologies, disruptive business models, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, unmanned trucks, trains, automobiles, cargo planes and what not. While all these technological innovations are changing the way people think and do business, it begets the obvious question of what people are doing in order to embrace the change, upgrade their skill sets to stay relevant.

The business section of the newspapers awes and shocks me at the same time. The sheer number of bankruptcies, disasters, closing down or stock crashes due to unfriendly business models, businesses that have become obsolete etc. are ridiculously high. What seemed like a thoroughly sound and great business plan yesterday seems to have gone bust today. This is the doing of disruptive technologies, disruptive business models, Country and Industry risk (like the Oil and Gas industry), Design Thinking or Information deficiencies, now BREXIT and the like. Companies that are at the top of their game (like Eastman Kodak after several decades of leadership was brought to its knees) end up at the rock bottom rather quickly. We live in a new world governed by VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) variables and vastly different and unconnected events like the subprime crisis in 2008 (economic), the Arab spring(political) or the commercial viability of Shale Gas Liquefaction(technological) are able to generate far-reaching consequences all over the world. Companies like Uber, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple have changed the rules of the game in such a revolutionary manner that it is all that one can do even to keep up.

This is merely a representative set of the universal pattern today. As a top-of-the-charts b-school, Great Lakes is acutely aware of the skill upgradation that has not only become necessary but in many cases, mandatory. It is nowadays not just enough to possess a terminal degree and be done with studying in your twenties! Continuing education has become the norm and there are so many program offerings that cater to customized needs of the professional population in a wide range of formats. The critical aspect is of course the flexibility. Location and access are hardly constraints anymore and making the best use of one’s time to derive maximum value is of paramount importance.

The PGPM Flex program at Great Lakes Institute of Management, ticks all the right boxes. If you are looking to advance your career or get an understanding of the nuances of present day business or to enhance your skillsets, the comfortably spaced fortnightly modules of coursework spread over two years, a heterogeneous group of classmates, fantastic teachers and industry practitioners who will help you comprehend the mysteries of trade and commerce, Great Lakes is the school for you. Our commitment to education and excellence have been well established and we have been consistently ranked among the best b-schools in the country apart from securing prestigious global accreditations as well as affiliations with b-schools of international renown.

We take our business seriously and our business, is to offer you a world-class education which will catapult you to the high trajectory of growth and professional progress. If you have now found yourselves at the crossroad of decision-making, that one decision that will make a lifelong difference, then you should make it and take the plunge. Put your faith in Great Lakes and watch the magic unfold.

Dr. Bala V. Balachandran
J L Kellogg Distinguished Professor (Emeritus in Service) of Accounting & Information Management, Northwestern University, USA

Founder, Dean & Chairman, Great Lakes Institute of Management, India

Chancellor, Great Lakes International University, Sri City

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