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Learning Experience

Value-adds Inside Classrooms

  • Emerging economy centric curriculum
  • Foreign language learning [Mandarin & Spanish]
  • Horizontal function + Vertical domain focus
  • Study of PEST environment of specific emerging economy clusters
  • Experiential learning through simulations
  • Technology driven virtual classrooms with global connectivity
  • Emotional and ethical quotient building
  • Exposure to latest curriculum with faculty from across the globe

Value-adds Outside Classrooms

  • Entrepreneurial incubation
  • Technopreneurship with focus on emerging markets
  • Emerging economy centric empirical study
  • Internship with Indian companies having operations abroad
  • Karma Yoga - A Leadership Experiential Program

International Tie-ups

  • Tie ups with Schools in Emerging Economies, Europe & USA
  • Faculty & student exchange programs across the globe
  • MOUs for consulting, knowledge exchange with leading global schools
  • Short term international immersions
  • SAP [Semester Abroad Program]
  • Term structure in sync with international schools
  • Sharing of online resources with global schools
  • Free boarding / lodging on reciprocal basis for students during exchange
  • Joint global summers [8-12 weeks]

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