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About Program

The PGDM focuses on developing management skills and business acumen though an extensive case-study based pedagogy simulating real-life decision-making. Apart from developing a strong appreciation of functional areas like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior and Strategy, the program also focuses on developing soft skills, emotional intelligence and leadership potential. The students can opt for functional specializations in Finance, Marketing, Operations and Analytics. Students can opt for a Major and a Minor in two functions, or a Double-Major in them, or even a General Management specialization with a mix of subjects from each function.

Program Highlights:

  • Two year Fully Residential program
  • Emerging economy centric curriculum
  • Delivered by the best faculty and industry leaders from across the globe
  • Optional semester abroad program [SAP]
  • Short term international immersions
  • Entrepreneurial Incubation
  • Chinese (Mandarin) Language taught as a mandatory course
  • Karma Yoga - A Leadership Experiential Program
  • Empirical study under Great Lakes Research Centre
  • Rigorous 12 week summer internship
  • AICTE approved

Learning Experience

Value-adds Inside Classrooms

  • Emerging economy centric curriculum
  • Foreign language learning [Mandarin & Spanish]
  • Horizontal function + Vertical domain focus
  • Study of PEST environment of specific emerging economy clusters
  • Experiential learning through simulations
  • Technology driven virtual classrooms with global connectivity
  • Emotional and ethical quotient building
  • Exposure to latest curriculum with faculty from across the globe

Value-adds Outside Classrooms

  • Entrepreneurial incubation
  • Technopreneurship with focus on emerging markets
  • Emerging economy centric empirical study
  • Internship with Indian companies having operations abroad
  • Karma Yoga - A Leadership Experiential Program

International Tie-ups

  • Tie ups with Schools in Emerging Economies, Europe & USA
  • Faculty & student exchange programs across the globe
  • MOUs for consulting, knowledge exchange with leading global schools
  • Short term international immersions
  • SAP [Semester Abroad Program]
  • Term structure in sync with international schools
  • Sharing of online resources with global schools
  • Free boarding / lodging on reciprocal basis for students during exchange
  • Joint global summers [8-12 weeks]

Summer Internship

The summer internship of Great Lakes is structured more in tune with the traditional summer internships offered across B-schools. It involves rigorous hands on, on-site industry exposure spread over a duration of 8- 10 weeks. If empirical study takes on a theoretical flavor in terms of problem analysis, the summer internship takes on a hands-on applications flavor.

Some of the salient features of the summer internship are:

  • Runs through the months of April-May-June at the end of the first year.
  • Students will be required to put in not less than 120 hours of input.
  • This study is done either individually or by groups of two or three students jointly.
  • The internship would be mentored by a Great Lakes faculty as well as by an industry mentor.

The benefits that are common to both summer internship and empirical study are:

  • Global academic exposure
  • Working with globally connected student teams
  • On-field, real time experience
  • Building live business solving capabilities

Semester Abroad Program

The two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program is a pioneer in many respects. As a niche program, it brings to the fore the intricacies of doing business with several countries. Thus, understanding the people, culture and way of life, sentiments and beliefs, etc. of the other economies forms a major learning objective.

The best way to do that is to immerse oneself in studying the various facets of life, history, society and economy of the chosen country. While the Foreign Immersion programs (typically a week to ten days spent in another country) offer an eye-opening experience for the students, Great Lakes has voted in favour of spending an entire semester abroad and learning the nuances of trade, commerce, industry, politics, economics, life and society. The Semester Abroad program is a step in that direction, where the student opts to study a semester of the course in a different country.

Great Lakes Institute of Management, India has signed a MOU with Georgia State University wherein students who are admitted into Great Lakes and whose GMAT score is 650 or above will have the unique opportunity to obtain a second degree (an MBA) from the School of Business at Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), an AACSB accredited, top-ranked business school in the US. This MBA degree can be obtained at no extra cost.

The selected students would spend time at Atlanta between May - early December. During this time, the students will take classes at the School of Business while also working on their Internship. By the end of the semester, the students would have been mentored by leading authorities on various subjects, have networked with a truly diverse set of persons, lived the life of a local and amassed a wealth of information and knowledge. The students will return in December in time to sit for placements with the rest of their colleagues at Great Lakes.


  • IIT Stuart School of Business
  • Babson
  • Bauer
  • Universite De Bordeaux
  • Hkust
  • UMKC
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