Admission Director's Message

Every year, at about this time, I get the joyous opportunity of interacting and engaging with the youngest and sharpest minds that grace Great Lakes Institute of Management – my incoming PGDM cohort. As your first point of contact to this great school of experiential learning, I assure you that, as a school, we understand the compelling realities of the new kid-just-off-the-block. We see in you a cool, smart, tech savvy, device-centric, socially involved, selective and impatient individual. We recognize that team-playing skills and peer recognition are two key positives that you bring to campus. As an instant gratification millennial, you carry the duality of ‘want it all’ and ‘want it now’. Cooperation, coordination, trust, conflict resolution, acceptance of pluralism and adaptability are some of the glorious positive attributes that you – the Gen Y Millennial – bring to any table. We are a young school (remember that we are just 15 years old) and are flexible and agile enough to understand and internalize the new you.

As a post-modern B-School, we are well aware that the first 25% of learning is imparted in the classrooms. Some of the best management brains in the country – full time as well as visiting – grace your classrooms. The next 25% of learning happens by additional readings, case study preparations and project work. The course curriculum enables this blended learning approach right from your first term. The third 25% is driven by peer-learning from the rich and diverse peer groups that schools strive to bring in. In Great Lakes, the word Diversity has implications that go far beyond the platitudinous approach with which it is normally dealt with in many a B-School. We truly believe in diversity and ensure that it is brought to the classroom along multiple dimensions. Regional, sectorial, gender and language diversities are rigorously ensured within each class to ensure great peer interaction and thereby learning. The last 25% of learning gets cemented when real life implementation of theories happens. The 8-12 weeks of hands on summer internship that every PGDM student goes through aligns him /her with the ethos of the corporate world much before they seek their final placements.

So what are you waiting for? Great Lakes is not in the space of churning out mere Business Administrators. We create Business Ready Leaders who will build tomorrow’s India. If you feel that you deserve to be in the rarified space, go ahead and apply. Welcome to Great Lakes Institute of Management.

Prof. Easwar Krishna Iyer
Admissions Director


  • Cornell University
  • Chicago Booth
  • Skema Business School
  • Universite Bordeaux
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
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