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Message from the Director Admissions

"Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be."- Kahlil Gibran

If you are browsing through this website right now – which you are – then you have in your own way understood the essence of the above Gibran quote. You are right now at a point where life is slowly changing gears. There is an accelerated growth track immediately ahead of you. Many have seen it.  Yet, only a chosen few like you have advanced towards this track. You have come to a point in life where you realize that mere 'knowing' is not enough. It has to be translated to a proactive act called 'doing'. A few more miles down this lane, you will realize that even the act of doing would not be enough. There is an elevated state of 'being' where your identity gets unveiled to the world. In a Gibranesque framework, you are born to advance toward the glorious world of ‘what will be’. To get your moorings right in this new path, you need a hand that will hold you to cross the threshold. We pledge that we will be that helping hand for you. Great Lakes will help you in your attempts to cross these rarified thresholds of knowing, doing and being. Not many are as lucky as you are to come to this stage at such a young age. You are already armed with a wonderful graduation degree. To add to it, you have an excellent score in a competitive qualifying exam. Now you are ready to look beyond. 

Great Lakes started in a modest 15000 square feet leased premise exactly 10 years back. Today, when we are celebrating our 10th anniversary [2014-2015], we are proud to be in a sprawling 30 plus acre campus with every amenity that a management student can think of.  Our faculty pool is clearly the best of breed in the world and reinforces our motto – Global Mindsets, Indian Roots. Our students come from every corner of India and bring in a rich academic and ethnic diversity to the classroom. Our placement record hasn’t been tarnished even during the peak recession years of 2008-2010. With a 2000 plus alumni network spread all over the world, the school is consolidating its position as one of the best teaching-learning institutions in Asia. The business and academic advisory councils of Great Lakes comprise of who is who of Indian industry and global academia respectively. To top it all, we have a business visionary and global thought leader in our founder Dean Padmashri Dr. Bala v Balachandran. Under his watchful tutelage, the school is slowing moving from Good to Great. Great Lakes figures in the top 20 rankings in every national B-School survey in the last few years.

I end my quoting my Dean Dr. Bala who always states, “We are not in the space of churning our Business Administrators. We are in the rarified space of creating Business Ready Leaders who will build tomorrow’s India.” As the school’s Admissions Director it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Great Lakes Institute of Management. We promise you an exacting 2 years of learning and experiencing. We will help you in advancing towards the glorious space of “what will be”. 

Prof. Easwar Krishna Iyer
Admissions Director

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