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Message from the Director Admissions

"Your dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth”.
Daniel Irvin "Dan" Rather

Given the timing of our brochure coming to market, I always enjoy the privilege of penning my Admissions Director Message on Teacher’s day, the 5th of September. Last year, I had quoted Khalil Gibran who had described a teacher as one who leads you to the threshold of your own mind. This year’s quote starts where last year’s theme ends.  

As a management education aspirant, you are still in your formative years where your dreams nicely interweave with reality to create a healthy amalgam.  You need an anchor who can understand your dreams, infuse it with a sense of practicality and lead you a step at a time, imbuing you with a sense of purpose and direction. That anchor is your teacher in a sense. In metaphor terms that teacher need not necessarily be the flesh and blood faculty whom you wish good morning every day. It could be an experiential understanding. It could be a confrontationist situation from where you ought to get out   unscathed. It could be a difficult peer group that you will learn to eventually manage. Each of these situations will slowly push you upwards to your next plateau of success. Many such glorious teaching-learning moments await you in Great Lakes Institute of Management – you next step in realizing your big dream.

As your first point of contact to this great school of experiential learning, I can assure you that the two years that you will spend with us will be a worthy investment for you. We bring great teachers from B-Schools all over the world to your classrooms. Our resource center gives you access to printed and online information on a scale comparable to the very best that this country can offer. Your class will be a judicious mix of absolute freshers and students who have less than 24 months work exposure.  Geographic, linguistic, sectorial and gender diversity in the Great Lakes PGDM classroom is unmatched compared to other peer schools. Given the challenging times that the global economy is today, we will equip each of you with the most rigorous academic tools to enable you to hit the road running within one year. As our Dean Dr. Bala always mentions, we are not in the space of churning out Business Administrators. We create Business Ready Leaders who will build tomorrow’s India.

If your dreamscape has these elements built in, then think no more. We will meet you in one of the metros for your GDPI at the beginning of 2014. The chosen ones from that process will grace this campus from July 2014 for the next two years. I am sure that you would be one in that small and elite group.

Prof. Easwar Krishna Iyer
Admissions Director

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