Student Life

At Great Lakes Institute of Management, it is not uncommon for folks to stay up late. Those who do revel, in the beauty that night brings in the mysteries that it unlocks before us. With a rare opportunity of a day off, many of us were roaming around aimlessly on the corridors of the hostels late at the night. The sudden downpour of rain brought about a dramatic change in the atmosphere. The eerie sound of wind blowing through the corridors threatening to dislodge the clothes from their mounts, coupled with the spray of water droplets that were caressing the exposed portions of our skin. It was a feeling of liberalization, the feeling of freedom, a feeling of pride. Pride for the institution, for its founder, for all the things that we could do because of one man who simply would put his heart and soul into building this institute, his child. Of the man who is so fast paced that very few of the 25yr olds could match. The future that lay ahead of us, the opportunities that this 1 year of education would provide, the rewards that we would reap. All this made possible by the one man who had a vision, a vision of liberalization for the youth of the nation, a vision of the ultimate freedom for this country. He dreamt of an institute that boasted the best of faculties and facilities combined.


  • IIT Stuart School of Business
  • University of Bordeaux
  • UMKC
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