Student Committees and Clubs

Being a student-managed and student-run institute, all key functions of the institute are ably supported by committed student bodies – be it admissions, placements, web management or branding. Below is the list of all committees and clubs

Student Committees

One of the most visible and prominent student committees is the Admissions Committee. Comprising interested students, the committee assists the Admissions Director in collaterals material development, web pruning, enquiry management, media planning, GDPI operationalization, selection process etc.

Admissions Committee - ADCOM

The alumni of any Institution are the brand ambassadors and play a significant role in building the Brand. The Alumni Committee – ALCOM of Great Lakes facilitates the Alumni engagement with the objective of emotional bonding and be the bridge between the past and present. It consists of group of committed students of the batch who act as the interface between the alumni and the institute. ALCOM besides organizing alumni meets in the 4 major metros brings out Great Connect, a monthly newsletter, and maintains an Alumni portal which helps Great Lakers to connect and engage.

Besides ALCOM, which consists of the current batch of students, there is also an elected body Great Lakes Alumni Association (GLAA). GLAA is elected from the alumni and helps Great Lakes and the students to better align to changing trends in the industry through curriculum, placement, admission etc.

The highlight of alumni activity is the Annual Mega Alumni Meet. This day-long event brings the alumni and current students on the same platform. Students get a chance to network and understand industry, while alumni enhance knowledge through a back to school program and also network.

Alumni Committee - ALCOM & GLAA

"A brand is like a living entity and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures" – Michael Eisner, Former CEO of Walt Disney.

BPR – The Branding and Public Relations Committee of Great Lakes – is part of institute's consistent brand building that has ensured its position as a premier B-School in a short span. It undertakes adjunct activities and reinforces activities of the official Advertising and PR Agencies of the institute. It endeavors to continuously and consistently build Brand Great Lakes and disseminate awareness about the institution across various media - print, visual and most importantly online social media such as PaGaLGuy, Facebook, YouTube etc., through an Integrated Marketing Communications approach.

The challenge of the work in BPR lies in its variety. Not every medium or event is the same and neither is every stakeholder. "Variety is the spice of life" – this axiom epitomizes the functioning of the committee, and its members consistently rise up to the multitude of challenges that every day brings in, and relish in converting them to opportunities.

Branding & Public Relations Committee - BPR

The URL or the webpage of any organization is its biggest branding tool today and is its first point of contact with the external world. Great Lakes is no exception. The webcom ensures content management and updating the website on an on-going basis by coordinating with and collecting information from students, faculty, administration and other committees. It also interphases with the IT department for back end processes.

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee (CiECom) is an initiative at the Great Lakes Institute of Management that aims to contribute to India's grassroots-level economic development by creating, nurturing, and sustaining successful business enterprises. Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among students, the CiE aims to enable the mushrooming of socially-responsible entrepreneurial ventures built on a foundation of creativity and innovation.

With the aim of nurturing successful entrepreneurial development, the CiE provides an Innovation Lab dedicated to the identification of innovative business solutions. Through a series of partnerships, the CiE provides access to external expertise such as technology access provided by the IIT-Madras and business process access provided by IBM, as well as internal expertise such as customer and market research provided by the Kotler-Srinivasan Centre at Great Lakes. The CiE also facilitates mentorship of aspiring entrepreneurs by connecting them with organizations such as TiE, CII and FICCI. The CiE also leverages its connections with investing angels, assisting and guiding entrepreneurs in acquiring financial support for their new business ventures.

The importance of entrepreneurship to the economic development of the country being well understood, entrepreneurship has become one of the most important focal points of business education all over. With the right combination of partnerships, expertise and support, the CiECom at Great Lakes is perfectly positioned to provide the entrepreneurial solutions solely needed by Indian society.

Great Lakes is well known for the range and quality of the events it stages - L'Attitude 13o 05', Successful Women in Management (SWIM), HR Conclave, Great Lakes NASMEI Marketing Conference, Entrepreneurship Seminar and the likes. The Events Committee is responsible for conceptualizing, coordinating and staging these events successfully. Students take an active role in all these events. Handling these events inculcates in students the skills of planning, administration, team work, creativity, networking and crisis management.

Events Committee

In line with Great Lakes' objective of preparing business ready managers with the right attitude, team skills, result-orientation and ethical consciousness, the institute at the end facilitates placement, by bringing together two of the principal stakeholders – the corporate and the participants of the programs. It is therefore necessary that a suitable platform is provided for this process which is beneficial to both, the company and the student. Besides, in this challenging environment, it is of paramount importance for the participating companies to find a suitable incumbent who fits their criteria.

The Placement Committee in Great Lakes Institute of Management is a student driven body with twin objectives of "finding every participant an appropriate profile and providing the employer with the best". The Placement Committee facilitates the entire placement process, ensuring a smooth transition for a participant from campus life to a corporate one. Our values drive us to ensure that companies are able to select committed and competent resources with character. We also understand that management graduates want to select companies and careers of their choice. The Placement Committee is the bridge between these two entities ensuring a smooth transition.

Industry Interaction & Placement Committee - IIPC

The overall goal of the Social Service Committee (SSC) is to bring about a change in order to maximize social welfare and reduce the various imbalances in the society. The primary focus is on shared growth achieved by collaborating with various audiences such as government, non-government, academia, business and media.

Social Service Committee (SSC) at Great Lakes works at a national level by addressing various issues such as poverty, health, education, sanitation, women & child abuse and environment. The SSC is a tool that is used to develop a beneficial relationship between society and students.

In line with the Great Lakes' philosophy of being a student centric B-School, this student body plays a key role in translation of this belief into action, playing multiplicity of roles by being the friend, philosopher and guide to the students and orchestrating the show from behind the stage, facilitating interactions and engagement between the school and the student fraternity.

The Student Council assumes a responsible role in administering managerial skills learnt in the classrooms through experiential learning. Each member embodies the Great Laker spirit of being a 'Go-getter', staying on their toes to take care of concerns of the community. The council, apart from addressing students' day to day affairs - infrastructure, food, health, Resource Centre, sports complex, entertainment - ensures catering to the scholastic prowess of the students. The Council does it all from coordinating various events in the campus with aplomb, to screening weekly movies and throwing stellar parties for the student community.

Mature and level-headed, members of the Council ensure unencumbered flow of information between the various student committees, the rest of the students and the school. The council is committed to transparency and accountability and to this end holds periodic 'Open House' sessions where both students and Directors participate. Each Open House serves as a simulation for participative leadership.

Student Council

Student Clubs

Moving in several directions at different speeds, often simultaneously, Great Lakers evince the ability to excel at multi-faceted interests. The various student run clubs and committees demonstrate the holistic development of the students and enhance the overall diversity at GLIM.

Marketing club has forums which conduct weekly discussions and brainstorming sessions on latest marketing trends, branding strategies of companies, lessons and various significant campaigns in the marketing environment. This club also works on live marketing projects and promotional strategies for the industry.

ODS Club facilitates sharing of knowledge on Operations Management and decision sciences thereby enriching the student community with deeper appreciation and wider application of Operations Management and its related fields.

The student club members of Gravity (Marketing journal published by Great Lakes) provide quality editorial services to ensure objectivity and that high quality articles are published.

The club helps to build a long-lasting relationship with corporate houses in the form of support for various athletic, academic and intellectual events that are facilitated by the college. Student members of this club interact with executives of various organizations, which in turn helps them to put into practice their marketing and negotiation skills.

Working assistants undertake original academic research and investigative enquiry. They perform a systematic problem analysis, model building and fact finding for the purpose of making important decisions in marketing of goods and services.

The Film Appreciation club, with approximately 200 members, is the largest club at Great Lakes. The club promises to entertain through movie shows and develop among students the attitude to appreciate films as a serious art form and an increasingly important media of communication in our society. The members also intend to learn the fine art of film making by directing short film

Strong communication and exemplary oration skills are the characteristics essential for leadership. Comprised of charismatic orators, the Great Lakes Gurgaon Toastmasters Club focuses on promoting confident public speaking and development of impeccable communication and leadership skills in all the students.

Toastmasters Club


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