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Chairman Emeritus Reconnect 58 – Economics & Financial Acumen
My dear friends, Economics and Finance have become the driving force of Humanity in modern times. A profound acumen is necessary for the empowerment of the whole of humanity to participate in an all-inclusive economic process. For example, providing good health care and quality education for the underprivileged or disadvantaged populations is not a charity […]

What does Great Lakes Institute of Management look for in a Candidate
“Do I possess the qualities required to get into a top B-School?” This is the question that goes through the minds of all professionals a few years into their careers. Great Lakes Institute of Management goes through thousands of applications each year and only a select few get accepted. So, what differentiates the selected applicants […]

The Final Question
“A panel interview is also an opportunity to get to know more about the programme, and show that you’ve done your homework” Many candidates prepare for questions commonly asked by panels during admission interviews. There are a plethora of websites offering insights into the kind of questions asked and their probable answers. Usually, there is […]

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